Fab.com PopTee Pop-Up Shop with tees from Milton Glaser (and others)

by Andy on October 6, 2011

fab.com poptee pop up shop

The term ‘pop-up shop’ is one of my most hated in retail, it’s a fairly irrational hatred, granted, but I think it’s a bit pretentious when you’re just opening a shop. The idea of a pop-up shop online however, that’s utterly ridiculous, it means nothing, especially on a site like Fab.com that only ever sells things in a time limited fashion. I know I’m going overboard, but it’s a pet peeve of mine so I’m cool with being peeved. At Fab.com, a pop-up shop is a sale that last a bit longer, usually items are on the site for 3 days or a week, but this t-shirt pop-up shop will be around another 44 days, which gives you plenty of time to pick up any shirts you’d like.

There are some really good t-shirts in the collection that you can see above, exclusive designs created by an impressive array of designers, which is of course far more important than me being pedantic about semantics. Another pedantic point, if these shirts are exclusive to this Fab.com pop-up shop, how come their retail price is $35 and they’ve been lowered to $19.50 for Fab, surely that means they aren’t exclusive?

I’m annoyed with myself for writing negative things in this post, because I like the shirts, and I like the price, which is the most important thing to consider, but it wouldn’t be HYA if I didn’t complain about meaningless things.

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