T-Shirt Blog Roundup: Druks Paris, Mighty Healthy and New Wreckage

by Andy on October 10, 2011

There are several qualities that we look for when selecting blog posts for the blog roundup feature. In general we try to put the spotlight on creative, amusing, informative, original, or just downright cool posts from all over the t-shirt blogosphere. This roundup’s selection definitely fits that bill. Check them out:

Fur Face Boy Kick-Ass T-Shirt Book

Launch A Kick-Ass T-Shirt Brand Book by Fur Face Boy

Major props to Fur Face Boy for bringing our attention to this awesome resource. “Launch a Kick-Ass t-shirt brand: An essential guide to building a t-shirt empire” is a terrific book packed full of great suggestions, success stories and other tips. Ha Mai of Fur Face Boy offers his own insights to the project as well.

Cottonable RIP Steve Jobs

RIP Steve Jobs via Cottonable

It has been a sad week for Apple fans everywhere with the recent passing of Apple’s iconic leader Steve Jobs. From the massively popular iPhone phenomenon to introducing a viable second PC platform with Macs, Steve Jobs had a tremendous impact on technology, business, society, and the world in general. He will be missed.

Grafitee Druks Paris

Druks Paris – Summer Breeze on Grafitee

Grafitee is a great French t-shirt blog that with the help of Google translation, I am able to read and enjoy. It’s only fair that we share the spotlight for Grafitee for their posting the cool news about Druks Paris’ Summer Breeze collection. They’ve got some really great designs and they’re definitely worth a look.

Tee Gazette New Wreckage

New Wreckage Clothing Hits The Online Shelve
by Tee Gazette

Tee Gazette brought us news of this nifty new fall/winter line by New Wreckage. New Wreckage has some slick designs in their collection as well as a provocative print benefiting the fight against breast cancer.

In My Short Sleeve Mighty Healthy

Mighty Healthy Fall 2011 Collection on In My Short Sleeve

I know, yet another featured blog about a fall collection. I can’t help it, early October brings the release of many great collections and Mighty Healthy’s is among those worth mentioning. In My Short Sleeve found a real winner with this one. They not only have some great streetwear in the t-shirt category but also in hats and hoodies. Check them out!

So there you have it, another week of top blogs and great designs. The t-shirt world is a rapidly changing place and thanks to the blogs and bloggers featured here they’ve helped us keep a finger on the t-shirt world pulse.

This t-shirt roundup delivered by guest blogger Blake at You Design It where you can design t shirts.

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