Reprints at Threadless this Week (14/10/2011)

by DeeHYA on October 14, 2011

Late blog, late blog apologies! Was out at a photo shoot and didn’t get back until 11.30 and just couldn’t get in the frame of mind to bosh out my Threadless blog. All bright and fresh and ready to go now.

I am feeling a distinct, spooktacular, Halloween theme with the reprints this week does seem sensible to cash in on when folks when spooky tees. So here we go…

Modern and more sinister take on a fairy tale I am always down with, especially when it’s bright red and makes a statement.  The Red by Dina Prasetyawan is a more contemporary, kick ass-esque take on Little Red Riding Hood, showing a petite chica with a chainsaw. I think it’s been done really well, my one complaint is where the design is on the tee, as a girly I won’t really be able to see it because of my boobs.

It is a shame that this next design is so teeny tiny, it’s quite difficult to make out what is going on in Eating Brains, Throwing Shapes by Aled Lewis. Essentially it’s a zombie coming out of the ground and dancing. I like the pine coloured tee though, there’s not enough of them on Threadless in my opinion.

The next tee I actually ordered for myself and got sent a different one by mistake, and then it was out of stock. I was disappointed muchly. Something about the epic design on Zombies in Wonderland by Alice X. Zhang and Donald Lim gave me the super desire for this tee!

It’s simple, it’s obvious but at least it’s non zombie Vampire! by Olly Moss is distinctly Halloweeny and also has UV Easter Eggs. Under UV light Mr Vampire-Pants gets all flamey and burny! I wouldn’t by this myself  but if you’re one of those people who don’t like to get dressed up for Halloween this is a comfortable alternative. I also like that Threadless have got a bit more fruity with their model images!

I like skull t-shirts, a good percentage of my son’s t-shirts have skulls on and I have a couple too. I think Bone Idol by Stuart Colebrook is a much more alternative and less high street skull t-shirt. I generally rate most skull design submissions with a ‘1’ unless they have something original about them but this one is funky and I think I’d wear it myself.

In the reprints at Threadless this week there is also a a selection of 4 tees called Every Night I Have The Same Dream (Issue 1-4) by 4 different designers, I am not going to blog them all separately but they are all worth a look and you can buy the collection of 4 for a heavily reduced price of $79. Here is my favourite of the 4 and one that my boyfriend has said he wants, caught his eye ages ago, this on is Every Night I Have The Same Dream, Issue 2, Vol. 1 by Tony Moore.








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