Reprints and Half Price Halloween Sale at Threadless (20/10/11)

by DeeHYA on October 20, 2011

Halloween is almost upon us and Threadless are giving us bargain half price spooky tees, I have only had a quick look but some of them are amazing.  If you don’t want to waste money on a skanky costume that you will only wear once a Threadless tee will be an attractive compromise, get into the spirit but having something you can wear again.

I don’t own a tangerine Threadless tee but I am a massive fan of orange in general and this tee is pretty much Halloween in a tee.  When I Was A Pumpkin by Josh Tuininga shows the inside of the pumpkin looking out to the stars.

Edvard Munch is probably one of my favourite artists and is most famous for one of his masterpieces ‘The Scream’ I really love this modern and comedic take on it called The Scr-Emo by Jesse McCormack, however I think it would of benefited from having colours that reflected those on the painting.

Another whinge about colour! As much as I adore sugar skulls I normally associate them with lots of bright colours, an explosion of colours, so as much as I really like the design on Sugar Skull by Trevor Mark Farnell Ede I just wish it was a happier brighter take on the Sugar Skull.


If you’re after more of a Halloween compilation, bit of everything, a mish mash of zombies, vampires, aliens, dinosaurs well…basically everything the maybe THIS Is How The World Ends by Travis Pitts might be the tee for you. It’s one of those designs that the more you look at it, the more detail you see.

For an intense zombiegasm with a cute mix of pale blue and green In Case of Zombies by Olly Moss might be for you. I really love the very basic design but it’s easy enough to see what’s going on. Plus the hoody is only $29 so you can grab a nice cosy bargain too!

Will just put the most feminine of the recent comic on tees, Every Night I Have The Same Dream, Issue 1, Vol 1 by Jill Thompson its a whimsical design showing a fairy imp like creature with windows and the night sky. It is very wintery because of the mixture of blue and white and the design on the back just adds to it’s appeal. The tags for this tee say ‘zombie’ but I am assuming that was a mistake.




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