Hide Your Arms Posters On Sale For Just £1.50 Each

by Andy on October 21, 2011

hideyourarms posters

I’ve decided to lower the price of the HYA posters because I’d rather have them on your walls than in my office, and I’m trying to clear a lot of room for a new venture that I have been teasing about on Twitter and will fully explain in good time (so expect other random things to be in the HYA store soon too). Individual posters are £1.50 each, which is ridiculously cheap because they are genuinely a quality item, A3-sized and printed by Awesome Merchandise. If you want to buy the 3-pack you can save even more, as it weighs in at a mere £4. There are postage costs on top of that, but please be aware that I am merely breaking even on all postage costs, and in some cases I even make a loss.

Remember, there are other cool things in the HYA store too, most of which are unlikely to ever be printed again. I don’t know how long I’ll keep the prices like this for the posters, probably until I run out of stock, like I say, there’s no use me having them all, I have my set framed and I’m proud, it’s time to spread HYA across the globe.

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