Threadless UNICEF Tees : Buy Shirts and Do Good!

by DeeHYA on October 25, 2011

This idea of being able to buy t-shirts for charity is a very simple but awesome idea, you get to donate money to a good cause, get an item, and show your mates what a kind person you are. What’s not to love about that concept!

Threadless and UNICEF have some up with an amazing and cunning plan to encourage folks to donate money for a very worthwhile cause. UNICEF is assisting the people living in the widespread drought and famine in the Horn of Africa by trying to provide as much medical, food and water supplies as possible.

The idea for this Good Shirts initiative is simple, for each tee you buy the item on the front symbolises where your donation is going and the cost of the tee is the exact price of that, which is why all the tees are odd prices.

The tees range from $18.57 and an epic $300,000 which is the worlds most expensive t-shirt, so you’re going to have to be on the super flush side of the economic scale to get it.

I watched the video on the Threadless site by one of the two designers, Justin Gignac, he just seems like a nice genuine guy, he talks about how tight knit the Threadless community is and I tend to agree. The video is only short and really worth a watch.

Break down of tee’s is as follows!

Insecticide Treated Mosquito Nets for UNICEF  : $18.57

Measles Vaccines for UNICEF  : $24.30

Deworming Tablets for UNICEF : $36.10

High Energy Biscuits for UNICEF : $49.96

Ready to Eat Therapeutic Food for UNICEF  : $73.13

Therapeutic Milk for UNICEF  : $85.75

Basic Family Water Kits for UNICEF : $125.55

Water Pump for UNICEF : $500

For those who are a bit more flush!

Emergency Tent for UNICEF : $1,939.96

Motorbike for UNICEF : $3,064.82

100 Metric Tons of Corn Soy Blend for UNICEF : $75,000

*Drum Roll* World’s Most Expensive T-shirt!

Cargo Flight for UNICEF : $300,000 

Hope reading about this encourages you to buy a tee and help support an amazing charity do amazing things for those less fortunate. You also get to tell you’re friends that you’re awesome and get a funky tee out of it. No-one loses!

  • Anonymous

    That would be pretty awesome to be able to support them and get the $300,000 one. I wonder of anyone had purchased that one yet?

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    It’s a very cool line, it would be amazing if someone actually did buy the $300,000 shirt, I wish I could!

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