Reprints this week at Threadless (27/10/11)

by DeeHYA on October 27, 2011

So what do we have in the way of Reprinty goodness this week Threadless? I’m quite liking the contrasts of colours and designs of the reprints although there isn’t very man.

I hope people have been delving deep and getting those UNICEF charity tees I blogged about on Tuesday!

I can totally sympathise with this tee right now, We Can Fix It by Budi Satria Kwan, shows a little fella with a broken heart with stuff around him to fix it. Blue tee makes sense because of the sadness, I could only see heartbroken people buying this tee though in my opinion.

This isn’t the type of tee I would normally go for but I enjoy the colour combo and the design is epic to say the least. Sea Beard by David Fleck just kinda looks like a really narked off King Triton from The Little Mermaid. I like that they have chosen a beardy model guy too.

I actually requested a reprint of this one as a hoodie, I’m glad they’ve reprinted the tee though, my boyfriend being a photographer has given me irrational camera t-shirt desire, don’t worry it’s not a legitimate condition. Can’t help but smile at this lovely yellow tee, Photographer by Lim Heng Swee.

I’ve blogged SUPERnova by Andy Pitts before but the design is just so funny and heart warming it deserves another mention and I can totally understand why this one has been reprinted, it’s been in and out of my shopping basket a few times!

The next design is absolutely stunning, the attention to detail is amazing, it’s very wintery, it’s very Lowry-esque. If On A Winter’s Night Young Lovers by Paul Sheaffer looks like an illustration in a book it’s just really different the kind of tee that starts a discussion.

I enjoy the monotone simplicity of Moustacheville by Tang Yau Hoong, little moustache trees, moustache path, it’s all about the tache and it’s an obvious choice for reprint!








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