3 new Big Cartel Themes from Tonka Park

by Andy on October 31, 2011

big cartel themes

I’ve got a Tonka Park making the HYA store look pretty (well, pretty enough), and I like a lot of the work that Matt does for the Big Cartel community. He’s just dropped 3 new themes and as usual they’re delightfully clean (one is even designed with mobile devices in mind, reordering and resizing content to take account for your browser size). I’m sure that some of you may find $100 for a theme to be a bit steep, especially when Big Cartel is quite a cheap service, but when you consider how much you’ll be paying for tee designs and printing then $100 isn’t really that much to have a good-looking store set up in a couple of hours.

Tonka Park have also updated their Big Cartel WordPress plugin, and HYA is given a surprising mention in the announcement of it’s release. You can now embed a widget on you WordPress site showing a product list (organised in the same order as in your BC product admin area), and also use shortcodes to post items from anyone’s store in blog posts, that means I could embed shirts from Big Cartel stores straight into posts, which is pretty nifty.

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