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by Goodfibres on October 31, 2011

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Well, here we are – Goodfibres the ethical clothing design company – taking up residence on the Hide Your Arms blog. You’ll find us here weekly, or at least fortnightly; sharing the love of crowd sourced design and ethically produced men’s and women’s T-shirts.

As this is our first post, we’ll kick off with a brief explanation of exactly what we do and why we (hopefully) appeal to each and every one, so do read on.

We’re an up and coming t-shirt brand based in East London, possessing a slight twist. We don’t design the tees ourselves (perhaps we don’t trust ourselves enough with the responsibility of creativity) but we source designs from all over the world by encouraging artists to submit their work to our site. Once the artwork is live it’ll be put forward to the community to vote on, with the most popular designs – as determined by the community – going into print. Though that’s not the end of why we’re different; are you somewhat intrigued?

Once the community has decided on its favourite designs they’d like to see adorning people’s backs, we don’t leave the interaction there, we keep everyone involved at every step of the way. For every sale made of a designer’s artwork, the artist will get a 10% commission from each and every sale that is made from the first print until the end of time.

We’re also proud to say that our commitment to the wider world extends beyond trendy t-shirts and unique designs. For every sale that we make through Goodfibres we’ll make a donation in kind to a charitable cause. Now that we’ve covered everything that we do in our perpetual efforts to make the world a better place. You may wonder why you’re now falling across us on Hide Your Arms. Allow us to explain.

Stumbling across one of the largest t-shirt blogs out there (and with Andrew being a friendly guy), seemed like a god-send; given that we’re a ‘new-kid-on-the-block’ type amongst the thousands of T-shirt and design sites battling for eyeballs and attention. So Hide Your Arms has very kindly agreed to us becoming a guest blogger on here. This is just the first in the series of our postings across the site.

Hopefully this has provided you with a good foundation of what it is that we do, what we’re striving to achieve, and the general openness that we feel is crucial to operating ethically. If you have any questions, comments or any form of feedback, please do let us know over @ Goodfibres; on Facebook or Twitter.

Kong at GoodfibresSo, this has very much much been focussed on what we’re all about and not so much on the design of all our wonderful artists. As our parting gift we leave you with ‘kong’ a clear and easy winner for October. Not to say that the other entries weren’t great it’s just Kong ran away with it – both in our opinion and the community contributions.

  • Matt Rhys-Davies

    Quite a fan of ‘Kong’…

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