Fancy Robot released a Halloween Collection and I missed it

by Andy on November 4, 2011

fancy robot halloween t-shirts

I feel a bit bad about this post. I get sent a lot of e-mail and it’s hard for me to deal with all of it quickly and effectively, meaning sometimes I miss stuff, and sometimes stuff I really want to post gets forgotten completely. Fancy Robot e-mailed me more than a week ago to let me know about their release of three designs, and it’s taken me until now to properly look at their site, and I’ve found that with them being Halloween themed that most of the interest in the shirts will have gone now that we’re gearing up for an entirely different kind of holiday.

The shirts even have “Halloween 2011″ printed on the back on them so they’re immediately dated and make you less likely to want to wear them next year. That’s something that I just can’t recommend to any brand, don’t put a date on anything that is annual, the only time that you want to put a date on any item of clothing is for something unique (like President Obama’s inauguration, for example), putt a date on your clothing makes the chances of selling any of your stock after the event a lot harder work, especially when bloggers are late writing their posts.

The shirts are all available now in male & female sizes and cost $25 each, but you can use the coupon code TREAT to get 30% off your order.

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