CXXVI’s Fall Collection is here

by Andy on November 6, 2011


Wow, that is a big, BIG release, thirty-eight items by my count. I think that this release shows where CXXVI are trying to go with their brand, and the direction is definitely up. Their prices are set to premium too, anyone that sells a keychain for $20 is premium, although to be fair to them it is partially made of brass and metals aren’t exactly cheap these days, and there’s a certain amount of irony in selling a bag called the ‘workers carrier’ for $130. hoodies are around $80 and tees are $36.

I’m questioning the prices, but everything in this release looks pretty incredible, the quality is clearly there so maybe those prices are justified, it’s quite unfair to judge their prices when I can’t actually feel the pieces.

Basically, all this stuff looks good, it’s quite pricey but that’s fine and I’m going round in circles not being sure whether a $36 shirt it worth it.

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