Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks

by Sleepy Dan on November 6, 2011

Sleepy Dan snapback hats released this week! Screen printing on shirts has been so much fun so I am working to print on new apparel bodies too. This is the first part of the Fall line addition, the second half will release by the end of November. These hats are USA made and printed at Classic Cap & Embroidery with a high density ink to give the graphic some texture. There are several types of printing texture you can use, but all are able to be printed thru a normal silk screen. Using a dense ink for printing, means using a lower count screen mesh to let the ink easily pass thru the screen onto your material.
6311444098 2549721ae5 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
This is a 95 count mesh attached to a small metal frame, custom made for printing on headwear. The emulsified screen has the new wake up graphic burned into it the same way a larger screen is made for printing on t shirts.
6310922605 fe59195039 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
The thin flat metal frame is bendable and slides into this form shape. The form gives the screen a stable arch that matches the shape of the hat crown, so an even transfer of ink goes onto a non-level surface.
6310922743 94dd87e466 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
After the frame is secured into the form, the screen is taped off just like a larger t shirt frame. This makes sure no ink will leak around the edges of the emulsified screen.
6310922907 4c212768f1 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
The form is secured into the specialty headwear manual printing press. This setup is used with specialty headwear dryer, which is taller to fit hats and has the heating coil on the side rather than on the top like a t shirt dryer. This makes sure the ink printed on front of the hat is properly cured.
6310922999 3d6bb8d564 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
Normal ink can be combined with several different types of textured materials, to create a different texture print. The amount of ink has to be precisely combined with the correct amount of high density material to create the desired look during printing.
6311444750 36d7950ba8 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
The headwear printing press looks very similar to a t shirt press, but the pallets are curved just like the screen and hat crown. A hat is positioned on the pallet and secured with a spring mechanism at the back, then the press is operated like this — LIVE PRINTING
6311444836 43c592d7c4 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
After printing, the hat takes a 15 second run thru the dryer which activates the high density material and cures the ink to the hat.
6310923273 02722c72e2 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
Each hat has to be positioned perfectly on the small pallet surface so all graphics are printed in the correct area of the front crown. This process is tested several times till the desired graphic position is perfected for the project. The hats I printed have a five panel crown, so there is one front panel of the hat.
6311445076 1f6efa1316 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
I tested the printing on some Flex Fit six panel hats, but not all of the prints came out well because the seam at the front of the hat did not allow perfect printing every time. The printing surface has to be perfectly flat for printing success. As with all printing, some mistakes happen and then some mistakes are a surprise success… Screen printing is an art form, so have fun with it!
6310923585 435f9e0a59 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
The Classic Cap & Embroidery sewing team is amazing, the side woven label is attached with precise placement every time like this — LIVE SEWING
6310923713 83b9a03ec0 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
I made some interior woven labels for extra detail. They are again attached with amazing placement like this — LIVE SEWING
6310923467 c62969edc5 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks
I hope this insight helps you design a better project, knowing how easy it is to get it done. I made this hat printing a limited edition only printing 30 khaki and 30 navy hats. Creating something original is so much fun, so I’m looking forward to making some new snapbacks for Spring 2012…
6311379390 04fa74eea5 Sleepy Dan: Printing SnapBacks

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic Article Sleepy Dan! The additional labels are great signature features. Yes, you do make such a detailed, intricate project look easy AND fun. Thank you for the behind the scenes peak.

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