Black Friday is upon us, here’s how it’s going down on HYA

by Andy on November 22, 2011

HYA black friday 2011

In the past on HYA I have written individual posts for individual deals on Black Friday, and frankly that was a lot of work and made the blog very messy, even if it was probably better for traffic. This years I’m going to be creating a single post that I will continually edit and grow throughout the week. As I update the list I will post tweets to notify you all, and also put reminders into the daily news roundup.

Store owners, if you want to ensure that your deal is included please be sure to tweet me, leave a message on the HYA Facebook page, send an e-mail using the comment form, or use the news submission form, and it will be included, no matter how much your brand sucks, we’re going for quantity over quality this year!

I will also be duplicating the list over at ShirtDeck for companies that have released coupon codes for Black Friday, ensuring that it is as easy as possible to find t-shirt deals.

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