New at Threadless this Week (22/11/2011)

by DeeHYA on November 22, 2011

Hardly an explosive selection of tees this week at Threadless, maybe they are saving the big guns for Christmas times, just unfortunate that people in foreign countries might end up missing out. None that I’d be inclined to add to my basket personally.

Firstly I find this tee a disappointment, I can’t understand why anyone would be inclined to buy this unless they were a massive fan of whales, it just seems a bit drab to me. I probably wouldn’t consider In the Belly of a Beast by Kristen Howdeshell even if it were in the $5 clearance section.

I think this design is really hard to see, I’m guessing it must look better in person because I certainly wouldn’t buy it based on how it looks in the photos, if you have a dull 9-5 and you’re constantly craving the weekend maybe TGIF by Josh Gdovin might be one for you.

The best of the bad bunch in my opinion, because it has a bit of intelligence and a splash of colour and deserves it’s high rating, Light Painter by Tang Yau Hoong. It’s simple but original and one that I could see my boyfriend wearing.

Not enough tees have naked money ladies on, this is solved with The Nature of Problems but Matheus Lopes Castro. It stands out because its purple and the subject is so very relevant at the moment.

I quite like Welcome, Stranger by Niel Quisaba, it;s cool sometimes to see a design that spreads across the tee rather than centred right in the chest or stomach. There is a lot of detail on this tee so it will stand out.

Lastly, another tee where you can’t really see the design unless you look at the design itself, the model shots do it no justice. If you’re wanting bunnies nomming on knights this is the tee for you. Bad Tempered Rodents by Anna-Maria Jung.

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