New Gotham NYC make some interesting shirts

by Andy on November 23, 2011

Apple Core New York t-shirt

Digging around in my inbox today I found New Gotham NYC, who I later realised are actually an advertiser on HYA, and thought I’d better take a look at their shirts.

They’re pretty new but by the sound of things they’ve been thinking about entering the industry for a couple of years, which shows in their choice to go straight into cut & sew for their launch, unlike most brands (including well established brands) that stick with stock blanks like American Apparel. It’s a bold move that has pros and cons (it fits just how they want, but on the internet the consumer doesn’t know how it fits, unlike a dominant blank like American Apparel or Gildan), but it definitely shows how serious they are about the business because that’s an investment of both time and money. Theat investment is reflected in the prices of the shirts, coming in between $28 and $40, which is fairly high for an online brand, but if you were to see them in a store you probably wouldn’t have any sticker shock.

I’d say that of their launch shirts (and there’s more than the three that I’ve posted above) my favourite is the apple core shirt, I haven’t seen that concept before on a shirt and it works really well, nice choice of colourway too.

New Gotham NYC

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