Don’t forget the Threadless Sale! $10 tees!

by DeeHYA on November 26, 2011

Bet you’d love 7 clones of yourself in your favourite Threadless tees lazing around in your lounge. The sale my friends is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on some quality tees at half price.

Firstly delighted this tee has been reprinted, I missed it last time and I was gutted so it’s well and truly in my basket! Sadly not in my size but I can switch one size up for this awesome tee. I love sushi, I like it on clothes, jewellery and in my belly so Sushi by Benjamin Ang is well and truly on my NEED list.

Next because it’s appropriate for the season and some places in the UK have been experiencing snow, Watch The Snow Fall by Cory Remjeske would be a fab tee to have and wear frequently over winter, or a perfect $10 stocking filler. Who wouldn’t love a Threadless tee for Christmas?


Yay another tee I own, I love when I’ve chose a tee that ends up getting reprinting! Retold with Unicorns by Branko Ricov and Jonah Block is an amazing combination of Unicorns and Star Wars, two of my favourite things in fiction, and this is one of my all time fave Threadless tees.

Next tee I am blogging because I really like camera tees, I don’t know whether it’s because I’m in a relationship with a photographer or what? The intrigue me as objects and I like to wear that interest on my chest/belly, I could do this with Nature Photography by Alex Solis, gentle but effective.

I also like sea based t-shirts and the Threadless sea tees always have something original about them, Electric Jellyfish by Adam Wilson features a jellyfish made up of electric plugs, the bright blue works really well against the drab grey.

Lastly a tee that gets printed time and time again, I’ve blogged it many times, not so much because I like it but the Threadless shoppers obviously do! Harry Potter fans need to get an rock House Brawl by Alex Solis and Alice X Zhang a welcome addition to most geek’s t-shirt collections! Also available in boat neck tee for girls, I have to say I find these particularly flattering on my larger chest.









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