Hide Your Arms curated gift guide on Threadless!

by Andy on December 1, 2011

hide your arms threadless gift guide

This is exceptionally cool, after years of writing about Threadless Dee and I were invited to pick some of our favourite items that Threadless have to offer to be turned into a gift guide on their site. Naturally, we said yes and were quite excited about it.

I picked 6 of my favourite tees for guys. I think that they all represent HYA fairly well, I own three of the selection; ‘Flowers in the attic’ was the first Threadless shirt I ever ordered, ‘When Pandas Attack’ is an excellent execution of a badass t-shirt, and ‘House Brawl’ shows even though I’m not a big fan of Harry Potter (I bought it to wear to see the last movie, then never went to see it!). It wouldn’t be HYA without a shirt that referenced Star Wars, and I just love burgers & Transformers. All the shirts are $20 each except for ‘When Pandas Attack’ which is $24, but until December 6th you can receive 50% off your t-shirts with the coupon code FUZZY2011.

With Dee being Hide Your Arms resident Threadless nerd I thought it was only fair that she got to pick a selection of girly shirts, especially since in the past I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t understand the way the female brain works. She has picked out a pretty wide selection of shirts, ranging from the classic cute shirt ‘Cookie Loves Milk’ to the more horror-themed end of the spectrum with the comic-inspired shirt ‘Every night I have the same dream, Issue 2, Vol. 1′. She also added a hoodie into her selection, and you can get 40% off any hoodie at Threadless with the same coupon code as I mentioned before, FUZZY2011.

I also wanted to highlight the non-clothing items that Threadless sells in our gift guide. I think it’s a really interesting aspect of their business and one that I’m always interested to see expand. It’s also something that shows just how much they’re willing to experiment with what they offer and try different things. If you haven’t picked up the book yet I would recommend it, it charts the ups and ummm, more ups of Threadless over the last decade and looks just gorgeous. Also, who wouldn’t want a Threadless umbrella?

Thanks to Threadless for letting Dee & I put this together.

Hide Your Arms Threadless Gift Guide

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  • tshirt factory

    Who else was asked to pick their favourite items. I think it’s a great idea from Threadless and I would very much like to write about it on my blog, I think it will make for a very good Threadless gift guide. Thank you! big fan of your site

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    I don’t know if anyone else was asked to put together a gift guide, but I would have thought that they’d ask more than just me, I’m not that special!

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