Daily Tees & News for December 2nd

by Andy on December 2, 2011

teefury highlander t-shirt

When I opened all the daily sites today (21 tabs, Firefox doesn’t care for that much) I wondered whether I’d actually get to see the TeeFury site. Thankfully it turned up, so any possible malware that may have existed yesterday appears to have been removed and all is right with the world again. I remain disappointed by the response from TeeFury about the issue, it took them at least 13 hours to acknowledge any kind of problem (done by their Facebook page), and they only wrote about it after the warning message had been removed. They posted this message on Twitter at the same time as the Facebook message: “If you had trouble reaching http://teefury.com earlier, try now! We’ve addressed the issue that was causing problems: http://ow.ly/7LyK8″ That link now goes to a 404 page. Frankly, that is not good enough, if you might be exposing your fans to malware via your site you have to tell people by every avenue about the issue and warn them as soon as possible, not when you’ve fixed the problem, and you should make some kind of mention of it when you send out a newsletter that day (presumably to thousands of people). I still like TeeFury and will continue to write about them, but I do not like the way they dealt with this situation.

Nerd joke at RIPT today.

I really like the style of the buildings on the edge of this tee at Shirt.Woot, much nicer than having a defined edge to the design.

Fairly generic shirt at DBH today, I still quite like it though.

Not for me today at Tilteed, it’s not bad, but it’s not for me.

Here’s one for the overlap between Mario fans and Motorhead fans at The Yetee.

TeeMinus24 are running their holiday sale this month with shirts starting at $10.

What a happy looking banana at 24tee today.

I’ve been seeing shirts for long enough with Winchester on them that I know this is a Supernatural design at TeeRaiders today.

I’m always happy when I see this shirt come up at Loviu.

Nicely done Star Trek design at Catch of the Day Tee today.

Shirt Punch are all about Parks & Reacreation’s Ron Swanson today.

BustedTees have put this dinosaur shirt on sale for $12 instead of $20 for the weekend.

Origin68 have put their fantastic Human Being design on sale for £10 day as part of their Festivitees promotion.

Big streetwear sample sale on in London this weekend.

Get 20% off your order at Loserkids from now until Sunday with the coupon code iambroke.

PLNDR are giving away a Camaro (presumably open to US only).

BoingBoing point out this Tumblr of a guy who wears a different rock/music t-shirt every day.

I found this old video from Hollow Clothing that I thought was pretty cool, you can’t buy any of those shirts anymore though.

Adam over at IAMTHETREND found one of those Threadless vending machines somewhere in Illinois and has put together a quick video showing the machine and also the touchscreen interface you use to order a shirt/bag/bottle.

Here’s Miley Cyrus wearing a Judas Priest t-shirt (I’m thinking of getting back into posting celebrity shirts since they’re traffic gold, tell me you hate this idea if you don’t want it to happen, apathy will result in celebrity posts).

Hong Kiat have a good roundup of E-Commerce shopping cart solutions.

Springleap will be at the above creative market tomorrow, I’m sure that information will be useful to the tiny, tiny percentage of South African readers.

Terratag have released 5 new sweatshirts and 4 tee. you can get 10% off your order in the run up to Christmas with the coupon code TERRA-XMAS.

RUReppin are giving away a t-shirt to someone who writes an original rap before December 8th.

A couple of months ago Rude Retro did an in-hand review of a shirt from You Design It. Yeah, it’s a little old, but now you know what you’d get if you made an order at you design it.

More recently Rude Retro gave us the ins and outs of the Graniph design award for 2012 with it’s 500,000 yen top prize, which sounds like a lot, and it probably is.

Store owners will probably learn a bit from this post on Kissmetirs giving 9 steps to better conversions.

  • http://www.tshirtpowwow.com Mike Parker

    I really dig the Origin68 Human design. So true: contents may vary.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=560517208 Tara Scherner de la Fuente

    Why does Miley look so old?? She looks about 30! Also, I don’t care if you use celebrities. As long as there are T-shirts. But seriously, Miley looks OLD. I’m 38, and she looks OLD. Did I mention that?

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    I thought she looked a lot older too, the ravages of the celebrity lifestyle!

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