Daily Tees and News for December 8th

by Andy on December 8, 2011

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind t-shirt

Sorry that the news is a bit late today, I couldn’t get home from my girlfriend’s house this morning due to local flooding, I was in puddles of water over the lights on my car at one point, but there was no getting through.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen an Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind t-shirt before, I’ve also haven’t seen the film, this shirt is one of those things fixed, thanks to TeeFury.

I recognised the Hunter S. Thompson side of this RIPT design, but had to check the comments to know that the rest of it was about Pokemon.

Usually I’m fairly apathetic about the designs at Stupidhurts.us, but I really like this lion design.

If I say the word ‘dice’ and you don’t think of a cube then today’s Shirt.Woot tee may be of interest to you.

Very nice Zelda shirt from The Yetee today.

I’ve never seen the film Boiler Room so I don’t get the reference on this shirt at 24tee, and I can live with that. Do let me know if it’s awesome (either the shirt of the movie).

Another shirt comes out of the Tilteed vault.

Looks like Zelda shirts are having a bit of a resurgence at the moment, and TeeRaiders are getting aboard the gravy train too.

I really like the colourway today at Loviu.

Thanks Shirt Punch, now I’m going to have Cthulu-based nightmares.

I really like the style of the artwork on this TeeBlitz shirt, even if the fart joke isn’t quite to my taste.

I’d prefer this DBH shirt without the note but it still looks good with it.

The Versalette is a piece of apparel (I have no idea what to call it) that can be transformed to be worn 15 different ways. It’s on Kickstarter for a couple more weeks and has already been funded twice over, so you have no fears about backing the project and getting nothing out of it in the end.

Bwazill has put everything in his store on cost price (it’s a Spreadshirt store, so he’s removed any profit for himself) until Sunday.

New Comune in at Karmaloop, and of course they’ve got a new promo code going on:

*FREE Ship + 35% OFF on Orders over $400 click for info
*FREE Ship + 30% OFF on Orders over $275
*FREE Ship + 25% OFF on Orders over $175
*FREE Ship + 20% OFF on Orders over $125
*FREE Ship on orders over $45
* Free Ship includes US and Canada: $8 off International Shipping. Certain Restrictions May Apply.

If you buy 4 shirts at laFraise you will receive a 5th for free when you use the coupon code 5POUR42011 until midnight on Sunday.

The Onion have teamed up with PalmerCash to release some shirts featuring some of their most famous headlines.

After I had a bit of a rant earlier in the week Gaggle of Tees have launched a redesigned website, sure they say that they had it planned all along, but I prefer my version where I am an all-powerful t-shirt God.

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