Reader Request: Post Cute Stuff [Discussion]

by melissa on December 12, 2011

ice skating hello kitty

Andy: I received this submitted post from someone called Melissa who apparently would really like it if I posted more cute things that are aimed at younger people and girls. Whilst HYA is largely meant to reflect what I like and what interests me, when there are 100,000 people per month looking at the site it can’t all be about me anymore, so I’ve tried to write about things that I think other people will like too, I did write about Hello Kitty a couple of days ago, but ‘cute’ things like that are fairly rare on the site.

If you too would like to see me posting more ‘cute stuff’ make your voice heard in the comments, on Twitter, or via Facebook, and if enough of you want it I will endeavour to be cute more often.

Hiya, I read your blog a lot and I was wondering if you could blog more about kawaii designs like tokidoki, hello kitty stuff for your fans that are into that sort of stuff. There are younger readers like me that love the cute stuff because it makes us feel happy. Can you do an interview with tokidoki and inoochi brand please?

I cannot upload any pictures from both the site because I don’t have permission but here is the link. They are very inspiring to us young girls out there because they bring cute characters to a whole new level and not just a brand trying to copy others. I think they are different and I think that is why hello kitty last a long time because they characters are different. Thank you for your wonderful blog keep up the great work.

This post was submitted by melissa.


    Well its cool to post others tastes. The “same old, same old” tastes make things stagnant. It would be like a classic rock radio station just playing the classics, eventually it will be an oldies station, then your grandmas station…. Unless our tastes are varied and fluid, we can get caught up in an area that may one day fall out of favor. On the subject of Hello Kitty, it has been a huge success that deserves a little recognition.

  • Chesney

    not my cup of tea necessarily but seeing this stuff interests me and you should def showcase a variety of styles. It seems a lot of the tees nowadays are just references to movies/t-v shows so anything other than that is refreshing.

  • Jay Connor

    I like tokidoki

  • Krystal

    Female directed posts would be great once in a while but please don’t do it in a way that almost patronises females where everything has to apparently be pink and glittery since “that’s what girls must like”.

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    But I had this shirt all lined up for a post!

  • Thekpd

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