Threadless $12 Tees (15/12/2011)

by DeeHYA on December 15, 2011

Argh Threadless you are driving me crazy with the saleness, now the tees are $12 and there are no reprints to report this Thursday, however here are some that I quite like for one reason or another.

For quite a few of the most recent reprints there is very limited availability in some sizes so you better get in quite, especially at the special (not so special?) reduced price. I am presuming the sale can’t last much longer, their festive kindness must end soon surely. I do really like The Guest by Ralph Pykee Lambaco despite it being black and white and me being all about the colour.

Again with the monotone but up there on the cuteness factor The Pianist by Lim Heng Swee. Its basic and it’s nice, I have to admit I don’t think this tee will be selling out as quickly as the others.

My son adores BANANA’s, this tee is potentially perfect for the crazy fitness freaks in your life. I’m normally not wild about a Creme coloured tee but Crunches by Nacho Diaz totally does it for me!


Okely dokely, lastly, because I have kinda blogged these recent tees already, Abandon Ship by Niel Quisaba. I love the colours, the design is interesting and eye catching and I understand the appeal.




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