Firefly make some interesting tees, HYA readers get 30% off!

by Andy on December 20, 2011

firefly t-shirts

Jeff over at Firefly got in touch recently to let me know about his brand, Firefly, and when I checked them out I was impressed. The designs aren’t complicated art, they’re simple, often symbol based, and with really nice, vibrant colourways. I’m sure a few of you are disappointed that this brand has nothing to do with a certain TV programme, but Jeff is trying to be a little more inspirational than that with designs that intend to spark your creative fire, though funnily enough I find myself being drawn to their logo shirts more than the ‘creative’ ones.

The American Apparel shirts are usually a reasonable $15 a piece, but since HYA readers are special (or perhaps Jeff just thinks we’re poor?) you can get 30% off your order with the coupon code ARMS. I don’t know if there’s an expiry date on that coupon, but I’d suggest using it sooner rather than later if you like something in the store. If you’d like to know more about each design I’ve included the blurb after the ‘more’.

Some of the designs feature the DNA of Firefly. The design titled “Symbols” displays four symbols: human head & brain, computer, pine tree, and a light bulb. The head represents humanity, the computer represents technology or anything man-made, the tree represents the environment, and the light bulb represents thoughts, ideas, creativity or anything intangible. This design is what I like to refer to as the “four pillars of Firefly.” The importance of these four is to make it a point that we need to focus on these areas and keep improving. We need to work on our selves, improve our lives and learn to become better people and optimize life for all. We need to support technology and the future. We need to support the environment and nature, this is where we live, we must be responsible. We need to use our brains and think, we need to inspire others and spread new ideas and new ways of thinking. Another design titled “Layers” encourages the message “water your brain” which basically means in order to think properly and create new things, we need to be healthy physically but also mentally. The overall theme is cause and effect: water your brains (colored green, mimicking the color of plants) and then light bulbs (ideas, creativity, etc.) is the effect. Another design titled “Quote” features Firefly’s slogan “don’t let your creativity rust” which simply means that we need to keep it going and not put creativity on the back burner.

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