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by Andy on December 22, 2011

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I told you earlier in the week that Steve was going to be leaving his post as the head man at POD community site MySoti, but somehow I didn’t think that the change was going to come this quickly. The King is dead, long live the Kind, as they say, and new guy Aaron is already in the role of head honcho and sent out his first newsletter recently outlining what he wants to do to help move the site on to the next level:

Hey there everyone.

I’m so pleased to be writing this first blog entry from the MySoti hot seat and help Steve keep the MySoti dream alive. He said you guys are special, and he’s totally right! Just look at the new cool stuff available this week alone.

So I know there are a few things Steve wanted to sort out to give both designers and customers a smoother ride. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but we’re really working hard to accelerate the good work that Steve started. I say “we” because I have some friends helping spread the load. I guess I should give you my manifesto. Here goes:

1. Shipping times will be drastically reduced. This is our top priority, so expect to see those lead times shrinking to e-commerce friendly turnaround times very soon. I’ll make an “official” announcement once we’ve nailed it.

2. Customer service will be more rapid, and you’ll have less reason to need it!

3. More products! I’ve already started the conversations to move this on. I can’t tell you what we’ve got in store for you just yet, but I know you’ll just love it! Stay tuned.

4. More opportunities to make money! It’s all super secret at the moment, but we are in conversations to get your products in front of more people.

Many of you may also have noticed that the calculations on commission payments look as if they have changed recently. This isn’t what’s happening. Our technical drones have been working on fixing some problems that have been discovered during the hand over. None of you will lose any money, and your commission payments will be the same as before. I promise.

Both Steve and I really appreciate you guys and gals hanging in there and supporting us. You’ll soon see that your loyalty is well placed!

Happy Holidays everyone

I hope it all works out for them, they’ve had some rotten luck in the past.

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