Daily Tees & News for December 23rd

by Andy on December 23, 2011

breakfast t-shirt

Chances are this will be the last daily news post of the year, it may even be my last post of the year, I haven’t decided yet, but I certainly won’t be blogging tomorrow or on Christmas day, I’ll just see if the mood strikes me in the days between Christmas and New Year if any big news comes up. If I don’t post anything else, I hope everyone enjoys the festive season and I’ll see you in 2012.

I like to treat myself to a fried breakfast once a week, just thought you guys would like to know that. Thanks, TeeFury.

RIPT have the power on this He-Man t-shirt.

Shirt.Woot bring us a wintery Ninja t-shirt.

The Yetee have managed to smash together Charlie Brown & Doctor Who.

Qwertee have a shirt today that showcases the phobias of superheroes. I’m not too keen on the artwork.

Shirt Punch have a shirt for all the Ghostbusters fans out there.

TeeMinus24 have a nice 8-bit Megaman design.

Am I being naive when I presume that this shirt from OtherTees is from Serenity/Firefly?

I don’t know what Lon Lon Milk is, but I know this design from TeeRaiders will be a hit with Zelda fans.

24tee really like their rage faces, huh?

Brown stuff goes in at Loviu, other brown stuff comes out. Gross.

Very cool dinosaur tee at DBH today.

Use the coupon code springleapxmas to get 25% off all t-shirts at Springleap until midnight on Christmas day.

That greedy caterpillar gets another showing at Tilteed.

If you want to look a little bit like a superhero, then this Iron Man hoodie from 80sTee may be for you.

RUReppin have a good list of daily shirt sites, and breaks them down so that artists know where to submit their designs and how much they can earn if their design gets printed.

I’ve had this link stored up for a while, so it’s old news now, but did you guys know that all the McBain sequences in the Simpsons form a mini-movie when watched together?

Here’s a Christmas mashup album, I’m DLing as I type, so I can’t give any guarantees of quality, but it’s free so you can hardly complain.

I just added this Tardis Repair Manual t-shirt to the big Doctor Who t-shirt list.

  • http://www.tshirtpowwow.com/ Mike Parker

    Really love the Mega Man design. We need more Mega Man in this world.

  • http://www.tshirtpusher.com/Funny-T-shirts/ funny t-shirts

    hahahaah nice shirt. where can I buy those shirt?

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