New at Threadless this week (& $9.50 tees) 26/12/2011

by DeeHYA on December 26, 2011

Oh really Threadless another sale? Anyone would think they are having trouble shifting tees, a bit bored of blogging reductions now. However if you have a browse around you can get some lovely tees for a mere $9.50! Spend those Chirstmas pennies wisely Threadless fans. I finally ordered that funky Princess Leia : Logical Conclusion by Matheus Lopes and I’m very excited about it’s arrival.

There are however a few new tees for me to blog which is rather lovely, they have been very few and far between over the festive period. Firstly I really love Pillow Fight Champion by Alex Solis, poor battered and bruised pillow somehow manages to make for a very cute design.

I love the feminine design on Japanese Graffiti by Jasmi Ottelin, not surprisingly it’s only in girly fit but they have regular and V-neck. I’d actually be inclined to give the v-neck of this tee ago. The design is both delicate and quite urban and the subtle colours work perfectly.

Next design looks really whimsical, like an illustration for a child’s book before my time. The brown, greens and blues really add to the vintage feel. A Magical Place by Robson Borges almost has a Disney feel to it.

Lastly form the newbie tees Surface To Air by Niel Quisaba is simply epic, all the best colours of the rainbow which pop against the black tee, this tee just looks like a very beautiful alien abduction. I have a bit of a tee crush.


Now finally going to blog my favourite $9.50 tees!  If I was getting one for my boyfriend from the bargain selection it would be ‘Every Night I Have The Same Dream, Issue 2, Vol 1′ by Tony Moore. It’s a tee he’s told me he wants several times and he likes the fact it has detail on the back.

If I was getting on for myself I’d go for My Childhood Fantasy by Ralphy Pykee Lambaco, the design is so perfectly surreal and kooky and feeds my fish fantasies perfectly! This is a tidge more expensive, seems that way with quite a few tees with girl fit vs man fit.


If I was getting one for my kids, and I have to admit there isn’t a massive selection I’d go for Polar Gardening by Jean-Sebastien Deheeger simply because it’s adorable and seasonal.







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