Reprints and still Clearance at Threadless (29/12/2011)

by DeeHYA on December 29, 2011

A little few reprints and still some $9.50 tees remaining for you to snatch up. I will be a sneaky half reprint half sale blog like I did on Monday.

Firstly a girly fit only tee! Gorgeous Let Go by Lim Heng Swee, features a lovely sky scape and a girl with a kite. It looks very much like a drawing from a children’s book. I personally think it works a lot better on the Lake coloured regular fit than the Teal scoop neck. Teal looks more like sea than sky to me.

I am quite partial to a play on words tee, Boom Box by Alex Solis is a pretty nifty design, this one is only available for guys (and kids). So I am levelling up. This cute little bomb with his gigantic ghetto blaster really makes me smile.

I don’t own a Threadless Yellow tee but this design makes me wish I did! Foxes are super cute animals, wish I could get a tame one, I love Foxy Hip Hop by Alejandro Giraldo Arango, is so unusual, will deffo make you stand out in a crowd.

Lastly from this selection of reprints, one that’s been reprinted several times, probably because it’s super cute and has food with a face. I Was Here by Dina Prasetyawan is clever and adorable and I understand why it’s so desired.

Now for the sale tees! Like last time I am gonna do a guys one, gals one and a kiddies one so I don’t bore y’all too much. For guys, it’s a bummer it is sold out in a size Small but this t-shirt is absolutely breath taking, have to admit I don’t think I know many guys who would wear this but it appeals to me : The General by Tom Buch.


Edvard Munch is one of my favourite artists, I quite like this cheeky modern take on one of this most famous paintings ‘The Scream’. The Scr-Emo by Jesse McCormack is hilarious and I can think of plenty of people to buy it for who wouldn’t appreciate it one bit.

My boyfriend has a thing about stars and it’s kind rubbed off onto me! I’d quite like to get Family by Ryan Lin for to kiddies, I’d love to get one for myself too so we all match. I’m a softie like that.












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