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January 2012

For all the snowboard and ski enthusiasts bloodgold is selling their extreme warm and comfy hoodies for 45,- €.

Andy: This is timed rather nicely since I’m going on holiday tomorrow to repeatedly fall over whilst I have my feet strapped to a snowboard.

This post was submitted by Simon.


“Robot Workers Union” from Mountainman

by Andy on January 31, 2012


Mountainman launched rather recently after the founder, John Hargreaves, graduated from High School. I don’t know how it works in Australia, but I take that to mean that John is pretty young. Still, there’s no reason why youth should get in the way of putting out a solid line of t-shirts if you’ve got the talent. John currently has four design in his Big Cartel powered store and the one above is my favourite, I also feel it gives a pretty good representation of his style (well, that and the launch poster, which I think he should get put onto some physical prints, pronto).

John is also blogging about the experience of creating his own designs and other aspects of launching his own line of tees. It does make for a very interesting read (for me, at least), and it’s cool to see the pride and passion that he clearly has for his work.

Looking forward to seeing what comes from Mountainman in the future.

Costiness=$23 (AUD?) Buy it at Mountainman


Tastefull Super Bowl XLVI t-shirts

by Umang on January 31, 2012



Being slightly disgruntled by a recent visit to a sports store due to their selection of terrible graphics representing this year’s Super Bowl teams, I had to do a search for something better. The New England Patriots have terrible logos (vintage and present) and the New Jersey York Giants have the infamous NY which is clean enough on a plain t-shirt. What’s really sad is the NFL licensed selection of muddled graphics that may seem acceptable after downing a six pack in the first quarter, but really? Year and year out the the NFL has produced garbage.

To the rescue come 8BitApparel. They have a selection of pixelated NFL team graphics that may make you reminisce of sitting in your PJs and playing Atari Football. These are NFL inspired t-shirts that one can wear all season long without feeling like you stepped out of a trailer park.

Patriots t-shirt– Monetary Damage  $27.00 USD

Giants t-shirt – Monetary Damage  $27.00 USD


Fresh Krylon Can

by Umang on January 31, 2012


Graffiti inspired t-shirts from DTC Miami add a little urban, old school freshness to your t-shirt collection. Definatley feeling the fine point Sharpie sketch quality.

Krylon Can t-shirt– Monetary Damage  $10.00 USD


T-shirt News for January 31st

by Andy on January 31, 2012

cookie monster t-shirt

Again with the Muppets at TeeFury!

Not for me at Shirt.Woot today, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

Not sure if I’d wear this shirt just because it’s on white, but I certainly to like this Walking Dead design at RIPT.
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the cherry laundry

I make no promises about whether Cherry Laundry actually do have the cleanest clothes in the world, but that’s their tagline and I really like it. I’m also rather impressed by their designs. Dan, the founder of the brand, apparently really loves launderettes of the 50s and 60s, and whilst I cocked an eyebrow at the notion of someone loving laundry day, the designs really do suit that era and work well on t-shirts. Shirts are £25 each, which isn’t particularly cheap but they do look good quality, and as I often say, you could easily pay a lot more in a physical shop for something and get a far inferior product, so we have to remember that when discussing prices, not everyone can charge $10 for a tee like TeeFury do.


Lots of stuff going on at Fistful Apparel

by Andy on January 31, 2012

fistful apparel new site

The gang over at Fistful Apparel got in touch to let me know that they’ve released a new website, a couple of new tees (I say comic inspired in the title, but that’s largely because one of the artists has drawn for every studio you can imagine), and they’re going to be exhibiting at the Pool Tradeshow in Las Vegas in the middle of February, sounds like things are on the up-and-up for them. Both tees are available in men’s and women’s sizes now for $22.


lafraise t-shirts

Everyone gets what I mean when I say ‘wearable’, right? There are some tees out there with great art that I can appreciate but wouldn’t particularly want to wear, whereas I feel that these shirts are the kind of thing that just about anyone would want to wear. Clear?

Favourite for me this week at laFraise if the record/moon design, very nice.


monsters t-shirt

Another cool winner from A Better Tomorrow. I don’t think this shirt is actually about the film Monsters Inc. but the guy on the left with the horns reminds me that I haven’t seen that film yet. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I think that the 1818 part of the design is a reference to when Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was released.

Costiness=22€ (early-bird price) Buy it at A Better Tomorrow


Ooh excitement, loads of brand spanking new tees and also some funky and mega colourful Comic-on Tees! All fabulous additions for the avid Threadless fans. Almost so excited I don’t know what to talk about first!

This tee is kinda gory but at the same time pretty eye-catching Vegetarian Zombie by Javier Ramos Eguiluz, it shows a super creepy looking zombie getting his nom on with an apple, he’s so skinny and gangly it really draws your eye in.

Pretty simple tee next, one that I can see appealing to broken hearted folks, cards players, gamblers, Alice in Wonderland fans a whole mixture of people. Love Is A Game by Tobias Fonseca  shows the suits from playing cards with a emphasis on the broken heart.

Topical tee next, been a big hoo hah about the Aurora Borealis my fella has been out literally hunting it down to photograph it. This tee, Borealis by Robson Borges is very attractive but doesn’t really resemble Aurora as far as I can see, the colours are all wrong.

I like my men big and hairy, so if I had to pick a monster I’d opt for Sasquatch. This next tee features the hairy fella himself, Sassysquatch by Anna Tillet shows him getting his groove on.

Lastly, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the epic Comic-On Tees, I’m not going to blog them all separately the Monkey Around Set by Mike Allred, Colleen Coover, Chris Samnee and Francesco Francavilla. This set of tees feature science experiment gone wrong ‘Monkey Man’. I particularly like this set of Comic-on Tees because they are super colourful!








Couple of fresh releases from Goodjoe

by Andy on January 30, 2012

marilyn monroe cupcake t-shirt

I don’t think it gets much cuter than that ‘Marilyn Monroecake’ design at Goodjoe this week, it almost made me break out the word ‘adorbs‘ again. Both shirts are $12 each during the pre-order phase this week, then up to $18.


Seibei worn by Judah Friedlander on 30 Rock

by Andy on January 30, 2012

sandwich dinosaur 3o Rock

Last week Judah Friedlander wore Seibei‘s Sandwich Dinosaur shirt on an episode of 30 Rock, and apparently it got quite a lot of screen time (I’m way behind so I haven’t seen the episode yet). Always good to see us little guys getting some mainstream exposure.


T-shirt News for January 30th

by Andy on January 30, 2012

muppets alien t-shirt

The Muppets are everywhere right now, including TeeFury!

Shirt.Woot believe that ‘love conquers all.’

Finally, RIPT has seen fit to bring together Star Wars and Top Gun.

Sherlock Holmes makes an appearance at Qwertee.

Shirt Punch feature a t-shirt with two people on it who cannot tell lies.

Nowhere Bad choose to quote Star Wars.

Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters gets a run out at The Yetee.

OtherTees indulge their Doctor Who habit. like seahorses.

TeeMinus24 add to the Star Wars tees coming at us today.

24tee mix Doctor Who and Snoopy.

TeeRaiders drop a Hunger Games related design.

DBH are all about wolves today.

I know that this is a Life Aquatic t-shirt at Graphic Lab, but I think I fell asleep during the movie so I don’t really understand this shirt.

Hey look, Tilteed are selling that hungry caterpillar design again.

Coty has a great post about Ai WeiWei t-shirts.

Apparently], this is Jake Nickell’s favourite ever Threadless design.

I added this pencil sharpener that look like a camera to the Rigu store.

BustedTees have released a couple of tees in time for the Super Bowl.

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Sleepy Dan : Customized Hood Sweatie

by Sleepy Dan on January 29, 2012

Sleepy Dan hood sweaties released in December, I had to release one cut n sew project for the first year so you can be sure there will be some more customized designs for the upcoming years! I can not emphasize enough, process is the most important part of any project. The rugby style hoodie is a design just recently hitting trend so I had to make some comfortable enough to bear the Sleepy Dan brand! In my day job as an apparel designer, I have learned how to work with embroidery shops to create apparel patterns, but sometimes several of the finishing steps have to be done on your own to save on cost. That’s how I was able to make these hoodies so affordable.

Coming from the manufacturer, I had to make some custom modifications past adding the logo embroidery appliques and the new custom neck labels for outerwear… This hoodie has several exposed cover stitch seams, so you can easily see it’s custom made, but the excess seam fabric had to be trimmed up a little more to be finished.

After finishing, the logo embroidery appliques are hand stitched to the garment, then the size labels are machine stitched into the neck seam. What makes this hoodie so special is the herringbone cotton twill neck seam, rugby placket, and hood seam edge. The time invested to this project is longer than a t-shirt design, but the fan and blogger reviews of the hood sweatie are amazing for the first cut n sew design. Research and development are a key role in the process of a successful project, so don’t overlook your process at any stage! Hope you got one before they sold out…


red hook brooklyn t-shirt

During my brief forays into Brooklyn I can’t remember ever seeing this sign, which has apparently been like this for 30 years, but I think it works nicely as a tee design and I like the use of a little bit of red to perk up what would have otherwise been rather a subdued tee.

Costiness=$28 Buy it at Live Poultry (who apparently really like Brooklyn)


recycling t-shirt

The shirt is meant to sybmolise recycling around the world, I suppose there is a certain amount of irony in creating a shirt that celebrates recycling, but that doesn’t stop this from being something that I’d be happy to wear.

Costiness=$27 Buy it at the PLB Store


New at moreTvicar this week

by Andy on January 27, 2012


Some very interesting shirts from moreTvicar this week, all very wearable, and quite a cheeky Rihanna photo tee on the lower right there.


marmite t-shirts

You know how they say you’ll either love or hate Marmite? I have no idea which of those people I am since I’ve never tried the stuff, I’ve just never been interested, I saw a jar in the cupboard today and thought “not today Marmite, not today.” Then again, I was having croissants for breakfast so that’s probably fair enough.

Impressive array of winners from Springleap in their Marmite competition, I think my favourite is the crest style design, really nice style to that one.


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