Sleepy Dan drops two very impressive cut & sew pieces

by Andy on January 3, 2012

sleepy dan hoodies

This hoodie and sweatshirt duo were released before the New Year, but as I had little intention of blogging during the break they have had to wait until now to be mentioned.

They’re a bit of a departure for Sleepy Dan, traditionally he’s done screen printed goods, but these cut & sew pieces show the direction that he wants to go in the future. I am seriously impressed with the level of detail that Dan has gone to with this release, clearly he’s trying to produce something very unique and interesting, but quite understated and classy. It feels to me like a step up for the brand trying to hit that next level and I like that because I’m sure it means that we’ll be seeing some great blog posts from Dan this year. Speaking of which I really hope that Dan will get the chance to talk about the new goods here on HYA, since the production process on a cut & sew product like this would probably very interesting.

Despite all the extra details on each item they aren’t going to be breaking the bank, with the sweatshirt coming in at $35 and the hoodie at $40, bargain!

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