“Mr. Nick of Time” great new t-shirt at Springleap

by Andy on January 11, 2012

nick of time t-shirt

I love the way that daleconcepts has introduced just a splash of colour to the latest winner at South African design competition Springleap.

At the time of writing the shirt hadn’t quite become available for purchase, but I think by the time this post goes live you’ll be able to pick it up for £17 here.

  • plankton107

    This particular “designer” has plagiarized a lot of his works from other artists. Please refer to the link below:

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Huh, first time I’m hearing of this, looks like a pretty open and shut case to me, send him to the tower!

  • plankton107

    It just sucks that this guy had to win various t-shirt designing contests before somebody found out about his plagiarized works. I hope he gets what he deserves.

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