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by DeeHYA on January 13, 2012

So I have a couple of t-shirt reviews for you. Going to do the first one about Cake Star. Two tees arrived from these lovely guys for me to review and take pictures of.

Firstly their site is very cool, it appeals to all sorts of people. They have very cute cartoons on their ‘About Us’ page which somehow manage to tell you everything and nothing all at the same time. Their website is very easy to navigate, very clean and uncomplicated and anything that leads to making buying tees easier is alright by me.

I got sent one tee for me and one tee for my fella. My boyfriend got the ‘Panacea’ design (of which there are only 5 left so if you like it you’d better shop swift). His tee fits him really well, and the design is one that stands out for me on their website. I’m by no means a prude but they have quite a lot of designs involving ladies in a state of undress, if I see them on guys I assume they are single, desperate and slightly perverted and I wouldn’t be keen on my boyfriend walking around with another guys bum on his belly. By the same token I don’t want him to get a t-shirt with my bum on. I feel these designs are appealing to a very small corner of the market, however the non T&A designs I like very much.

For little me, I got sent ‘Flight’ which is a really lovely whimsical design, I love the deep green colour. These are definitely guy fit tees and I don’t think that this t-shirt was flattering for me. However I noticed in the Cake Star blog there were lots of cute petite modelly types in their tees and they totally rocked them and looked hot. So maybe this is simply to do with my body shape. It’s a cute tee and I will be wearing it again for sure. I’d say the tees are true to size, the small was good on me and the medium was good for my boyfriend, as standard for us.

I have washed Nick’s t-shirt and the print and t-shirt were both still perfect and pristine as it was when it arrived in the mail. On the website they have hoodies and other bits and bobs coming soon, so it’s worth keeping your eye on what they’re going to come up with. They also have the beginnings of a reward scheme which is always good fun.

To sum up, Cake Star is a company bringing delightful and raunchy tees to your collection. Friendly and crazy company who bring fantastic quality t-shirts at reasonable prices. I’d recommend at the very least dipping your toe in to what they do.




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