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by DeeHYA on January 17, 2012

These tees arrived yesterday, a complete surprise I hadn’t be expecting them honestly they are of my favourite tees I have seen during my time blogging at Hide Your Arms, which is quite odd really because they are black and white and generally I am all about the colour. Amazing attention to detail all wrapped in brown paper with string, totally adding to their rustic feel.

Beneath Reject are an awesome Oz based company launched last year by Georgie Hartigan who uses her t-shirt designs to express herself artistically, planning to release a new line every 3 months with a limit of 100 per design, you’re basically getting a very limited edition art piece for your (I’m guessing Australian dollars) $32.

These are guy fit shirts but they have some model pics on their website which show excellent ways of girling it up, I actually stole their feminising ideas when I shot their t-shirts. I am wearing a design called ‘Touch‘ which looks almost like a very creepy dragon hand illustration from a child’s book.

The designs remind my boyfriend of glasgow artist David Shrigley, I felt a bit of Edward Monkton, it’s definitely the nice clean but at times comedic collection of designs. My favourite item on the site is their super cool ‘Forget’ tank which which you should have a look at.

My boyfriend got the tee that he liked best on the site anyway and this is ‘Fear’ it looks so great on him, the design is slimming, he said he feels that the ink seems stiff but I am positive that it will soften after being washed, I think it is to be expected from a brand new tee with a massive block of black on it.

The tees from Beneath Rejection are of the highest quality and the designs are so original they rock my world, you should definitely stop by their site and at the very least drop them a ‘like’ on Facebook! I’m finding myself for the first time very excited about what their new designs are going to be like, surely that is the best you can expect from a t-shirt company!



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