T-shirt news for January 24th

by Andy on January 24, 2012

cat skull t-shirt

Can you imagine if you walked into a house and there were this many cats… it would be terrifying. $10 at TeeFury today.

I know what you’re thinking, this is just yet another t-shirt about imaginary Pinata companies, and when with this pinata meme die? Well, at least this one at Shirt.Woot is based on the 1986 film ‘Three Amigos’.

The Muppets meet Futurama with this Hypnokermit t-shirt at RIPT today.

Qwertee remind us of the good old days when our music was rather delicate.

Very cool 8-bit Doctor Who t-shirt at Shirt Punch today (which I’ll be adding to the epic list of Doctor Who t-shirts).

OtherTees will be launching their new site soon.

Stupidhurts.us have a classic American symbol on their latest shirt.

Take a look at this happy little t-shirt from 24tee.

I certainly never would have expected a Fight Club x Star Trek mashup t-shirt from Tshirt Contest, but here we are.

‘Serenity’ by name, serenity by nature at DBH today.

Be the envy of all your geology classmates with this shirt from BustedTees, which has been busted down to $11 from $20.

Couple of new contest winners are up at Goodjoe.

Tee and Toast remind us that T-shirts are a lovely idea for Valentine’s Day, and that they’ll post a V-Day card for you, to ensure that the receiver doesn’t know it came from you, neat!

TeeCraze have an interview with t-shirt designer Andy Hunt.

Disney have released a Mickey Mouse design inspired by that famous Joy Division album cover. Predictably, music aficionados are treating this like a much bigger deal than it is (much like when I see a t-shirt I take offense to).

Glennz Illustration Process – Blowfish Pranks from Glenn Jones on Vimeo.

Glennz has some illustration videos up for a few different concepts.

Two more shirts released at Camiseteria.

Ray at Lowdtown has posted an article called “custom packaging that won’t break the bank” that will probably interest brand owners.

Terratag have extended their sale until Friday at Midnight.

That promo pic is barely legible, but I can tell you that on.us.tees will give you 20% off their shirts with the coupon cold 2DAMNCOLD from now until February 15th.

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