New at Threadless this week + Comic-On Tees (30/01/2012)

by DeeHYA on January 30, 2012

Ooh excitement, loads of brand spanking new tees and also some funky and mega colourful Comic-on Tees! All fabulous additions for the avid Threadless fans. Almost so excited I don’t know what to talk about first!

This tee is kinda gory but at the same time pretty eye-catching Vegetarian Zombie by Javier Ramos Eguiluz, it shows a super creepy looking zombie getting his nom on with an apple, he’s so skinny and gangly it really draws your eye in.

Pretty simple tee next, one that I can see appealing to broken hearted folks, cards players, gamblers, Alice in Wonderland fans a whole mixture of people. Love Is A Game by Tobias Fonseca  shows the suits from playing cards with a emphasis on the broken heart.

Topical tee next, been a big hoo hah about the Aurora Borealis my fella has been out literally hunting it down to photograph it. This tee, Borealis by Robson Borges is very attractive but doesn’t really resemble Aurora as far as I can see, the colours are all wrong.

I like my men big and hairy, so if I had to pick a monster I’d opt for Sasquatch. This next tee features the hairy fella himself, Sassysquatch by Anna Tillet shows him getting his groove on.

Lastly, don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the epic Comic-On Tees, I’m not going to blog them all separately the Monkey Around Set by Mike Allred, Colleen Coover, Chris Samnee and Francesco Francavilla. This set of tees feature science experiment gone wrong ‘Monkey Man’. I particularly like this set of Comic-on Tees because they are super colourful!







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