ShirtsThatGo – Tees with vehicles on them I’d have loved as a kid

by Andy on February 3, 2012


As usual, this post comes with the usual explanation that I don’t spend that much time with kids (more now than before, admittedly), so I could be off base when I talk about clothing for kids. That said, when I look at the designs for ShirtsThatGo all I can think is that when I was that age I’d have really liked this shirts because some of them have trucks on them and trucks were/are awesome. I presume that’s still the case for young boys now (I think we’re hard-wired to believe that tractors are cool), so I think ShirtsThatGo may well have a fine future ahead of them.

  • Alan

    Definitely see the appeal for kids and you know, I think there would be a big demand among adults too. They are almost hipster worthy.

  • Icreategraphix

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