T-shirt News for February 22nd

by Andy on February 22, 2012

hellboy elmo t-shirt

I get the feeling that this Hellboy x Elmo mashup is going to do quite well at TeeFury.

Too Many CooksezcDetail 480x360 T shirt News for February 22nd
What a delightfully cute cooking shirt at Shirt.Woot today.

detail 120222 480x411 T shirt News for February 22nd
Awesome Mario shirt at RIPT today.

productimage picture it s a trap 5859 480x480 T shirt News for February 22nd
Star Wars meets Ghostbusters today at Qwertee.

February22b 480x280 T shirt News for February 22nd
The 8 rules of Fight Club get an airing at Shirt Punch (anyone who orders is entered into a contest to win genuine film cells from the movie).

TUMBLRcontra 480x480 T shirt News for February 22nd
Don’t think I’ve ever played Contra, but from what I’ve read it’s exceptionally hard… until you cheat. Shirt available from The Yetee.

8cdcafcc556ec0b6c2832ba9412c8775 480x480 T shirt News for February 22nd
OtherTees have a Skyrim t-shirt that I don’t understand since I know if I play it once I will end up not writing for HYA for a month.

51 480x293 T shirt News for February 22nd
I get the feeling that this 24tee shirt has something to do with drugs in some way.

38r5 u6t 480x302 T shirt News for February 22nd
Pretty freakin’ cool ‘zombie hunter’ t-shirt at DBH today.

009b7ddfbf85df2d82ce92c2ae045c19aec83629 T shirt News for February 22nd
This sushi shirt by Chris Risse gets another run out at Tilteed.

425082 10150615660824214 5805899213 8799671 408613196 n T shirt News for February 22nd
If you subscribe to T-Post today you’ll receive this special Jeremyville designed shirt as well as the regular monthly shirt.

JohnnyCupcakesHawaii 12 455x341 T shirt News for February 22nd
Coty Gonzales has a great recap of the Johnny Cupcakes in Hawaii at the end of January.

 T shirt News for February 22nd

$5 off $50+ orders at Hot Topic.

  • Rhodi Dendrum

    These mash up tees really get on my tits. And these College tees referencing movies. The art is average and the thought behind them is minimal. The Ackbar/Ghostbusters one has no connection whatsoever except they can churn them out to nerds for a quick buck. They belong in the same league as student t-shirts with beer and sex related puns or comedy catchphrases on in just Helvetica. Barrell scraping drivel.

    Only the T-Post, Tilteed Octopus & Johnny Cupcakes designs deserve any merit.

  • Rhodi Dendrum

    and DBH‘s Zombie Hunter & Shirt.Woot‘s cute design I must add.

    Creativity and originality should be applauded here, this other stuff is fricking tiresome to say the least…

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    I’m quite partial to the Mario one from RIPT too.

    I know what you’re saying about the mashups, when they’re well thought through they can be great, and sometimes they’re just two pop culture entities forced together awkwardly.

    Helmo made you chuckle though, surely to goodness?

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