4000 likes and 4000 followers? I’d better give you 40% off then.

by Andy on February 24, 2012

hide your arms coupon code

I’d been holding off on this a bit, HYAs Twitter followers had been going a bit up and down over the past week as I attracted a lot of spam followers, so I was waiting for it to level out of an accurate number. However, I think it’s now a good time to mention that HYA has passed a couple of arbitrary milestones, reaching both 4,000 Facebook likes and 4,000 Twitter followers in the same week. It’s a little bit strange that they’ve reached equilibrium, but I suppose it had to happen at some point and I think that the Facebook page will started to command a lead over the next few months, possibly because I do a lot less talking on Facebook compared to Twitter, maybe if I stayed quiet I’d have 10,000 followers by now.

To celebrate such a momentous occasion I’ve decided to create a 40% off coupon for the HYA store. I’ve never gone that big before, and I don’t intend to again (there won’t be 50% off at 5,000 for example, I’m no business expert but I’m not an idiot), so this will be a great chance for you to pick up HYA goods. I’m running low on most of the clothing items now, down to one or two left of most things, and I can’t see myself doing another print run for a long time, so this could be your last chance to pick something up.

USe the coupon code 400040004000 to get 40% off in the Hide Your Arms BigCartel store. You need to spend a minimum of £10 to be eligible to use the code, and it is live from now until midnight on Sunday (GMT).

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