Red Licorice: Fun t-shirts with Red Licorice on them

by Andy on February 25, 2012

redlicorice t-shirts

You know those times when I have to make an embarrassing admission, and people respond by saying “how are you 27 years old and this has passed you by?” Well, this is another of those times, because I don#t think that I’ve ever eaten red licorice before. I’m aware of it, it’s just never appealed to me enough when I’ve been buying sweets to pick it up over other items. That might be because when I was younger we didn’t eat a lot of chocolate and sugar, at least not pre-packaged sugary snacks, so when the opportunity arose I wouldn’t have taken the risky option of something new and stuck with something I knew I’d like.

Clearly though, someone loves red licorice, because they’ve created and entire clothing line based on the sweet rope. Redlicorice currently got three different designs in the store (on guys and girls blanks, and in multiple colourways) and whilst I can’t appreciate the subject fully I can enjoy the bold colour schemes that they’ve gone for. They aren’t too flashy but they work really well together and make for a fun colour palette. At $28.99 for a shirt they’re probably on the upper limit for what’s acceptable in to the indie industry for a brand just starting out, but that price isn’t so high that it will put someone off making a purchase if they really like the shirts.

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