Blake and Staz at Maison Twenty

by Mr Four Fingers on February 26, 2012


There are some designs out there that simply make me burst out with laughter. Say hello to Pritikiti and Opera Singer. These designs were created by Blake and Staz, also know as Bitches (their band name) and and are a part of the Maison Twenty range of t-shirt designs.

I like Maison twenty’s  idea of working with emerging artists and using the t-shirt as a platform for bringing their artwork to the buying public. However I can’t imagine paying £60 for one of these t-shirts. Yes thats £60. I get the ‘art angle’ but a t-shirt is a product that faces the trials of the public space and tragic tomato sauce incidents and because of that and at £60 I would sooner frame it than wear it. But this is coming from me, who is a bona fide discount junkie.

So if you feel like lightening you pocket then head over to Maison Twenty.

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