HEBROS! [Submitted]

by Dave Rosen on February 26, 2012

After spending 8 years in the trenches of the rock and roll merchandising business, Dave Rosen started On The One Merchandising to provide top notch design and production of t-shirts, hats, hoodies, stickers and more to bands, businesses, non-profits, and private events. He’s been kicking some serious ass getting stuff done for others and now, after a recent epiphany regarding the phrase “HEBRO,” has launched his own line of t-shirts. The HEBROS tees seek to pay tribute to the originals, Moses and Jesus, via a rad design, discharge printed on super soft, 100% cotton, fashion fit tees in four colors. Go to www.mosesismyhebro.com and check it out! Free shipping for orders of anywhere from 4 to 20 pieces.

Andy: This is another of those occasions when I wonder how the person submitting their t-shirt thinks their design fits in with the rest of HYA. Clearly, this is not to my taste, but fair play to them for discharge printing it though.

This post was submitted by Dave Rosen.

  • barbara sobin

    Very cool idea. Love the Hebro concept. I can’t wait to order one and wear my Hebro with pride. I think I’ll order Moses for all the people coming to my passover seder this year.

  • Johnqpublic

    I thought discharge printing involved dark shirts that got their pigment bleached out by the “discharge ink”

  • http://hideyourarms.com/ Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    Good point. I shall investigate.

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