New at Threadless this Week (27/02/2012)

by DeeHYA on February 27, 2012

It’s save to say that Threadless are very much playing it safe with the newbie tees this week. Lots of black, white and red! One stand out tee and a lot of misc.

Firstly as monotone tees go, Threadless has lots of them and I don’t think this one is the best. Gray Destiny by RL76 features some kind of lady assassin surrounded by birds. It very much looks like an image / character from a graphic novel.

Providing the only splash of colour that isn’t red/black/white this week we have Soar by Jay Fleck. Basically showing a boy riding a massive bird. I love the colour of the sky and the clouds but this isn’t a tee I would purchase for myself.

If big cats are your thing, The Power of the Nature by Sebastian Andaur could be a perfect addition to your Threadless collection. I particularly like the model images for these tees they are like regular Threadless with extra ‘GRRRRrrr’.

Again with the bland colours but I like the placement of the design on this tee, it completely covers the entire tee which, if you ask me, is better value for money. It’s quite interesting how the fact that Prototype by Didier Gerardin being printed entirely black on the creme tee almost makes it look grey.

Ok the stand out favourite and tee winning because of it’s awesome levels of originality is A French Ninja Cat by Kyle Walters, based on the famous Le Chat Noir poster. I really this comedic take on the design, and it’s the one newbie tee that I would welcome into my Threadless collection.









  • Doug

    Im very much into monotone t-designs, maybe splash of colour. As soon as I saw the Soar design by Jay Fleck, I remembered that I saw a design submission on DBH looking similar. What do we think?

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    I think they’re different enough for us to not worry about it, no need to go on a crusade (we haven’t been on a crusade for ages!).

  • Doug

    Talk about a crusade. Check this link, it has been going since 2008. Images are not showing for me however, but I know them already.

  • Andy (Hide Your Arms)

    If they’ve been doing it since 2008 then I doubt we’ll be able to provide a moral compass to steer them in the right direction, but exposing more people to their practises may be a good idea.

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