Win $100 of custom stickers from Sticker Mule with Hide Your Arms!

by Andy on February 29, 2012

free custom stickers

Our friends at Sticker Mule want to give two winners $100 in free stickers. Sticker Mule is an awesome custom sticker printer, and good people to know if you’re a t-shirt shirt designer. They print very high quality vinyl stickers, I used them earlier this month when I wanted some Rigu stickers making and I was very impressed with what I received (and I paid for the service, this competition happening now is a complete coincidence). They make ordering as simple as possible, making your artwork print ready for free, provide a free online proof with every order, and responding quickly to support requests.

Here are some shots of their work:

The Prize: $100 each in store credit at Sticker Mule for two winners (one picked from each entry method). This can be used on any product in store (they offer several types of custom sticker, and also iphone/iPad/laptop/Kindle skins).

To Enter: There are two ways to enter, and two ways to win. Firstly, you can leave a comment on this blog post saying what you’d do with the store credit, or secondly, you can tweet the following message:

I want to win $100 of store credit from @stickermule & @hideyourarms. RT to enter

Contest Ends: 03/14/2012 (March 14th 2012)

Good luck to everyone!!

  • Skribe45

    I would get stickers of mini-beards and staches & stick them to squirrels and pigeons.

  • rob

    i would use them to help my sister promote her music band…

  • Doug

    I will get my tweet master in this. I would use for world peace

  • Dave

    I would get stickers made of my Roller Derby teams logo (Capital District Trauma Authority) and give them out around upstate New York!

  • Mike ;)

    Je voudrais gagner les 100 dollars de stickers pour faire la promotion de ma marque de vêtement ;). Je suit même depuis la France !

    I would win the $ 100 sticker to promote my brand of clothing;). I even read from France!

  • T Shirt Printing

    I would print $100 worth of insult stickers for people who double park their cars or box me in on my street. #passiveagressive

  • Nick

    I would use them to help launch my new clothing line.

  • Patrick Toay

    I would $100 worth of troll face shirts, and use them to stick on people’s drinks at work. Then they would really wonder if that is half a bottle of Mt. Dew lef

  • Matt Eyer

    I would get stickers made for my t-shirt line, Wear Liberty, and probably give them out free with orders for my new shirt being released soon!

  • George Mossey

    Well I would make custom stickers for my car and my business.

  • Lamar Lyons

    Use it to promote a bit of city love with urban farming thrown in for good measure.

  • saucewear Kelly

    Would love to get some stickers made for my brand AND for the Tee Party.

  • Melissa Burgio

    Wow, what a great prize, I want stickers! When I was a teen I aspired to design stickers myself! Sigh!

  • Edwin_Create

    Legit! I’ve been in the clothing business for over 5 years and I’ve recently started a new project with some buddies.
    I would def. use the $100 to get some fresh stickers made with our company logo and sticker bomb all of southern Cali! It’d be a nice start for our new project :)

  • nik.lathia

    I’d order a bunch of stickers for my brand, Life Apparel and include them in my shirt packages!

  • Erik Johannessen

    print up some Clean Ass stickers

  • M’ris Berlin

    Gift it to my bf, so he can use it for the startup he’s bootstrapping.

  • Andrew Lockhart

    I would use the stickers for my clothing line Rockhart!

  • John Abuv

    I would use the $100 to create some sick stickers for my company and give them out to individuals at events such as PAX East coming up in April.

  • Jessica Kessler

    I would use them to promote my uncles Cajun restaurant in Little Rock, Ar with their alligator logo I designed, saying “where up the river meets down the bayou”.

  • Dream Gold

    We’re running low on our size stickers for our poly-bagged goods, so we’d order more.

  • Monique Malcolm

    I would get a custom ipad skin. I use it when I do shows so it would be cool to have something branded.

  • Davejarman

    I would probably use it on printing some stickers for my brand that is currently in the planning stages :)

  • Isaac

    Hello peeps! You know what I would do if I won the 100 bucks in store credit? I would get some stupid dope stickers made of my new logo I’m working on for my brand Issie Ishiyama and I would give them all away when I release my spring and summer lines…….swwwweeeeeet!!!

  • Colin

    I would make lot of lovely stickers for all my beautiful clients and fans to give away.

  • Jake Olshan

    If I won $100 store credit to the beautiful stickermule, I would spend it on stickers for my new upcoming clothing brand i’ve been working on for almost 8 months! :D

  • Esteban

    I would sticker bomb the planet!

  • Will Crase

    Ordering more stickers for Phantom Division

  • Slice of Life Tees

    I’ve gotten awesome stickers from them before, I’d get newer, awesomer ones made, of course!

  • Nyika Aster

    If I win I would use the stickers for my new project partnering with a non-profit organization to bring about awareness of the earth and how with little money (just 4 quarters) you can make a HUGE difference :) It’s something I’ve been working on since late 2009 and this could help jumpstart my project!

  • Dream Gold

    Btw, I can see one of our stickers ( in the last picture. Sweet!

  • Landon Merrill

    Rad, tweeted-did!

  • MethodMan

    I would get some die cut goodness for the design I just purchased as a precursor to a shirt release.

  • Zombiedward

    I’d give the sticker printing opportunity to my boyfriend as he is a DJ and the design he has in mind for stickers is pretty awesome and it would be a pretty cool birthday present I think. Or I might just say the heck with him and let Little Lazies have it. :)

  • Richard

    I would sticker slap a hoe!

  • Anonymous

    I’d promote my animated crazy cartoon band, Blink Kitty Love.

  • Bwazill

    I’d promote Bwaz#ill t-shirt and hoodies, my selfmade clothing brand which needs free and social support!!!!

  • Igor

    cover myself in stickers :)

  • Doin Fine

    If i won id definitely get some stickers printed up to give away with Doin Fine orders!

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  • Sam Weinberg

    I would upgrade the order I’m planning to place soon for the brand I’ve been (over)working on for a solid 8 months. More stickers!

  • PavelFisher

    Pretty please? :D

  • Sethb

    I would get some stickers made for our new mobile game and probably give them out on Reddit.

  • zzz

    I would use these to get one step closer to living my dream…

  • TwinSrpnt

    I’ll would give away all the stickers in upcoming events.

  • Robert Pufahl

    self promotion!

  • Frank

    I would print some stickers to use as giveaways w/ each order

  • Lion Caster

    I would get some stickers of John Stamos made and mail them to John Stamos.

  • Ryder

    I would sticker up my whole city!

  • Skiingaidan

    I’d get stickers for my local extreme sports team.

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