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March 2012

centre dallas t-shirt shop

In Dallas, Texas USA there is one shop t-shirt aficionados can always count on, and that’s the boutique Centre. Centre is clean and crisp, displaying some of the best premium street wear in today’s market. The store is beautifully designed, the products are detailed and worth the price, and there’s even a vinyl toy store, ATAMA, upstairs.

Centre supports big name brands like Play Cloths and Diamond Supply Co., but they also support independent North Texas brands like Sleepy Dan, Fur Face Boy, and Unkommon Kolor. Another thing Centre does is produce its own apparel under the Centre brand title. Their recent Triple D Tigers collection was impressive. Last weekend, Centre also released the Two One Four tees and tank tops just in time for spring.

The Two One Four series is inspired by Nike and Andre Agassi. Agassi is a retired American professional tennis player and one of the greatest to have ever played. The color choices and graphic application for the Two One Four pieces are a beautiful, simple homage to the bright neons in the Nike Air Tech Challenge shoe series. Agassi sported the Nike’s back in the 1990s.

This photo is taken from the Centre blog. Their marketing for the Two One Four release further compliments the product.

If you can’t stop by Centre’s brick and mortar store these styles are available for purchase until sold out, or you can also buy one in their online shop, here.


Filthy Nasty is back!

by Mr Four Fingers on March 31, 2012

Shit lasers

Filthy and nasty indeed. Well maybe not so nasty. Filthy Nasty boasts a t-shirt/vest range with a focus on the DJ/ club scene and does well to make strong links in this direction. They went all quiet when Darren was focusing on his club nights in Scotland, but he’s back in the tee game now and hungry for more. Their core range are type driven and lean, nay, leap towards cheeky, brazen and often quoting songs. I loved reading the ‘Shiny Disco Balls’ as it reminded me of going to Ibiza and yes I need a lot of reminding. There are reasons why there is a club called Amnesia.

If you like club\DJ related type tees then these guys are for you. However you can also wear a silver Disco Buddha, he is just cool. From what I can gather from their t-shirt images there is quite a nicely designed label on the inside collar with sizes and care instructions, which is always a nice touch.

All their t-shirts are a square £20 and £15 for vests. So head over to Filthy Nasty and start shitting lasers.



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pacman and star wars t-shirts from tshirt laundry

I’ve seen that minimalist Stormtrooper design elsewhere in the past, but I still like it, especially at the earlybird price of $14. The Pac Man Pizza design is well executed, I’d happily wear that, but the Emperor showing leg? Ummm, not for me, thanks Tshirt Laundry.


Post image for How To Professionally Prep Your Files for Screen Printing

Matt from Seventh.Ink has written a great guest post over for the Real Thread Printing Co. explaining how people can best prep their artwork before sending it off to the printers, making the whole process easier for everyone involved.

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Lookin' for Love in Alderaan Places t-shirt

This Star Wars shirt was really popular on TeeFury when it was featured for the traditional 24 hours a few weeks ago, so it’s hardly surprising that the designer, Alan Ashcraft (aka itcamefromthesky), wanted to give it a new lease of life and keep it alive for a bit longer.

Costiness=$17 Buy it at Lookin’ for Love


wireless wold t-shirt

On my PC I don’t have a wireless card, you’ll never beat the reliability of a wired connection, and it’s not as if I’m moving the tower and monitors from room to room so I don’t mind having that tether. Pretty cool design from A Better Tomorrow, as usual.

Costyiness=22€ Buy it at A Better Tomorrow


New shirts and 15% off at Snorg Tees

by Andy on March 30, 2012

snorg sale

Pretty much everything you need to know is in the post above, all you need now is a link: Snorg.


Reprints at Threadless this Week (29/03/2012)

by DeeHYA on March 30, 2012

Again sorry for being a tidge late with my Threadless reprint round up, had a super busy couple of days, but I have got some pics of a sweet tee to review. Some absolutely top notch tees in the reprints pile this week at Threadless.

Firstly, because I’ve just got myself a sexy ghostbusters costume, Something Strange, In Your Beverage by David Staffell features a delicious marshmallowey Stay Puft in a ghostbusters mug of cocoa. I really like the originality of this design.

Another tee going on my ‘Gutted it isn’t in girly fit’ list, Hans Off My Cookie by Philip Tseng.  I am enjoying the Wookie to Cookie bit the best. I think this tee could appeal to all sorts of Star Wars fans with a sense of humour, maybe not the super die hard fans.

This next design is very simple but it pops and makes a statement, I have blogged it before and I can totally understand why it’s been reprinted. Bone Idol by Stuart Colebrook. I’m sure I remember posting last time that if I purchased this tee I would be slightly concerned about how it would wash.

I like a tee that conveys some sort of message and being willing to donate your organs if you pass away to someone in dire need is good’un. They are more than welcome to take anything inside of me to help others if I was to die. The Donor by Steve Nyberg is a simple tee which also doubles up as an anatomy lesson. The black with the colours work really well.

Lastly for this blog (but it’s well worth swinging by and checking out the others as there is a bit of Star Wars, vintage camera, panda, it’s all good).  I really like the the pastel colours against the Asphalt tee on Animals with Eyepatches by Brock Davis. The little pooch they have used in the model pics are awesome too.











Justice ‘Cross’ t-shirt at MySoti

by Andy on March 30, 2012

justice cross t-shirt

Copyright infringement be damned, Justice is my favourite band (do you call a DJ duo a band?) and this is my favourite album, so I any moral qualms that I would have normally had threw out the window when I saw this design up at MySoti.

Costiness=$24.60 Buy it at MySoti

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mount playmore gaming t-shirt

When I looked at the new shirts from BustedTees this week I was very impressed, I don’t have a favourite this week, I have three favourites (the Mount Rushmore parody, Mad Men x Superman, and the one about taking class outside). Well done BT, well done.

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spoiler alert t-shirt

I think that might receive the fictional ‘title of the week’ award!

Goodie Two Sleeves have dropped a couple of nice shirts this week, with my personal favourite being the cloud-based design, which is unfortunate (for me) since it only comes in women’s sizes. Oh, and you can get 20% off with the coupon code TWOFER.


The Swiss OG

by Umang on March 29, 2012

I stumbled across these t-makers called Lowrider based out of Switzerland. They have a sizable selection of bursting graphics.

The perplexing part is that they are Swiss and have a brand that is based on muscle cars. I didn’t know that there was a market for muscle car enthusiasts in Switzerland but then what do I know? There could be a main street in Zurich where folks gather on a Saturday night to show off their polished 16 inch chrome wheels and take part in some drag racing?

OG Wire Wheels – Monetary Damage  $49.00 USD

Yup that’s not a typo, they are $49 bucks but they are Swiss and things are more expensive there.


FullBleed Series 12

by Liam_Hodgeon on March 29, 2012

FullBleed is a brand bursting with conceptual T-shirts and the brand that is probably doing the conceptual T-shirt the best! Individually each and every t-shirt over in their store is well thought out and well executed, while collectively they hold a strong theme and visual identity that is recognisable a mile off, and FullBleed series 12 is no different!

FullBleed Series 12

The latest series consists of 9 new T-shirts as well as 2 new silkscreened prints. With this release I’d say that owner and designer, Rob Dobi, is further confirming that FullBleed does the conceptual T-shirt like no other, with a truly awesome new range.

I’ve got to say, as it stands, I don’t’ have anything from FullBleed, but with this range I think I may end up picking up the ‘Curiosity’ T-shirt and maybe even the ‘Rough Flight’ tee from the previous range since I have a bit of a soft spot for quirky skull T-shirts!

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group t-shirts

I was randomly sent pictures of these ‘group shirts’ to be worn by more than one person. I asked them where the shirts came from or can be bought but as of yet I have received no reply. Any of you guys have an idea about this, part of me wants one even though I’m sure me and Mrs. HYA would look ridiculous in it (especially as I’m about 10 inches taller than her).


T-shirt news for March 29th

by Andy on March 29, 2012

rushmore t-shirt

Really nice Rushmore shirt at TeeFury.

I like this one from Shirt.Woot.

A not particularly brilliant Supernatural shirt at RIPT.
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how to get a band sponsor

If you’re in a band and you’re playing to crowds, then your chest can be seen as an advertising space, especially with the way teenagers view people in bands as borderline-deities that they want to emulate. Thus, bands want to get sponsored, they want to wear free t-shirts, and they want to give brands ‘exposure’. I received this e-mail recently (names and places altered to save them embarrassment):

My name is Cornelius, I’m the frontman for the band The Arm Hiders based out of Unknownville. We are in search of a company to work with to sponsor us on our upcoming tour this Summer. We came across your company on line and have check out your site and feel like we would love to rep your company on tour this summer. If you all endorse bands, we would love to help you all out and get your name out there on the road. Feel free to email us back if you would like to work out something with us. Thanks for your time, and we look forward to hearing back from you. Cheers.

That was it, that was the whole thing. Let’s leave aside for a second the fact that I don’t even really have a line (the HYA store doesn’t really count, does it?), because I wanted to look at what was wrong with that e-mail and how it would be a poor way to approach a clothing brand (or any other company) if you were looking to get yourself, your brand, or possibly your sports team sponsored.

1. The sender doesn’t say hello, or address me by name, a clear sign that it’s a copy pasted e-mail and that they are contacting several people with the same message. Take a second to find out someone’s name and you’ll be a lot more likely to receive a response.

2. There’s no link to the band’s website or music. I’ve never heard of The Arms Hiders (what a silly name!), but maybe if I heard their music I’d really like it and think it was worth sending them some t-shirts. The lack of a website also suggests that this band may be quite small and not yet have any web presence. Bands need to make it as easy as possible for a t-shirt company to hear the music, if that takes more than one click then it’s going to really reduce the response rate.

3. Your band is going on a tour this Summer, so what? Tell me when and where you will be (maybe I can meet you at one of your shows), how big the venues will be, if you are the headline act, what merchandise you sell, if you will be performing at any festivals, how Twitter followers and Facebook likes you have, if your tour will be advertised and if so, do the sponsors get exposure from that. Clearly, the e-mail sender recognises that there is value in terms of exposure for the t-shirt brand, but there’s not enough info to back that up. What the sender needs to do is give a t-shirt brand reason to stop and think if there is enough value for their brand to give the band free t-shirts to wear on the tour.

4. “If you all endorse bands” ignoring the strange wording, this is again another sign that the sender has sent a copy/paste e-mail, and also proves that they haven’t taken the time to look at your site properly. T-shirt brands that do sponsor bands will often like to showcase the bands in some way on their website. Sponsoring a band can be a mark of pride for a t-shirt company, it’s a good way for them to associate themselves with a style of music and also a lifestyle, which quickly gives potential customers and fans something to identify with. So bands should take a good look at each brand and make sure your music fits with their style, and if they do sponsor bands then you already know that it’s something they might be interested in with your band.

5. Copy/paste e-mails are the devil. It is easier to send a copy/paste e-mail, but it’s also easier for someone to delete one, they’re impersonal and almost always sound like adverts. If you want to get a reply from someone you talk to them like a person, create a connection and give them some respect, especially if you’re hoping for them to give you hundreds of dollars of clothing in return. It’s okay to have a general template of an e-mail, some bits of blurb will always be the same, but edit and personalise each e-mail to maximise the chance of getting a response from each brand. Oh, and t-shirt brands talk, so if you e-mail lots of similar brands, they’ll probably know about it.

6. Make sure your spelling and grammar are perfect, or at least the best you can do. There are a few errors in the e-mail I have shown above, and there are parts which aren’t just typos too, which suggests that it was rushed and not re-read to check for errors. If this e-mail is a bands first point of contact with a t-shirt company, what kind of impression does that give? Not a good one in my opinion. If English isn’t your strong point then get someone to write your general template for you and then you can add in the personal stuff that you’re comfortable with on a case-by-case basis, no one is expecting you to be Shakespeare, but brands want to know they’re dealing with professionals. If you are trying to contact someone in a non-native language, make that clear too.

7. If the t-shirt company responds, so do you, quick. Replying to e-mails quickly shows that a band is serious about the sponsorship opportunity, this isn’t a flirty text message with that girl from last night, you don’t need to wait 3 hours to respond. Think about what the t-shirt company wants, a band that will wear you stuff on stage when photos are being taken and tell people about the t-shirt brand, replying quickly to a response is the first step in proving that you’re conscientious and trustworthy. I sent a response to the person that sent me the e-mail above, two days later I haven’t heard from them and I doubt I ever will, potentially I could have been a fan of their brand and suggested them to t-shirt brands for sponsorship, as it stand they’ve lost both those opportunities by not replying to an e-mail.

If you have any suggestions or feedback please leave me a message in the comments, or on Twitter @hideyourarms. In a few weeks I will take a look at whether there really is value for brands sponsoring bands and if the exposure bands provide can help with getting a t-shirt company more fans and customers.


Office Space ‘Initech’ Logo t-shirt

by Andy on March 29, 2012

office space initech t-shirt

This shirt from 80sTees features of the logo of the fictional company in the film Office Space. I really wanted to like Office Space when I watched it, I’d heard so many good things about it, but it just didn’t work for me, still, there’s plenty more films out there that I do like so that’s alright.

Costiness=$22 Buy it at 80sTees


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