Reprints at Threadless this Week (01/03/2012)

by DeeHYA on March 1, 2012

Evening HideYourArms readers, pinch and a punch and all that jazz! Hope you’ve had an awesome Thursday so far. So lets get kicking off with my round up of the reprints this week at Threadless.

There does seem to be a lot more tees from guys than girls this week though :/

Firstly because of the purple points Technology Ruins Nature by Leon Ryan shows a tubby bear engrossed in a TV programme, I think this is quite a gentle take on the concept of technology and it’s influence on nature.

I like this following design mostly because it reminds me of the old HMV adverts (do they even advertise anymore?). Gramodog by Ben Chen is a lovely mix of autumnal colours and I particular desire a Pine colour t-shirt for my Threadless collection.

I really like the following design but I think the placement just doesn’t work for it, having the main focus which to me is the guy at the back of the tee just doesn’t make any sense. However I think La Romantique by Matheus Lopes would work if the placement was different or maybe on a tote bag or laptop case.

I think I have blogged this tee twice before, and I can’t say I am surprised it’s been reprinted again. Zombie Food by Ben Chen combines to of my favourite common things on Threadless Zombies and Food with a Face!

Next tee is once only for the boys, I like the mega tattooed Papa Smurf on It’s a Hard Life by Alex Solis. The bright red and blue together just looks so striking even though I’m not a massive Smurfs fan.

By far the most beautiful tee this week on Threadless reprints this week it is The Visitor by Alice X. Zhang and Melanie Herring. The colours are just so beautiful and perfect against the black.







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