T-shirt news for March 5th

by Andy on March 5, 2012

skyrim simpsons t-shirt

Skyrim meets The Simpsons at TeeFury today, why they meet, I don’t particularly know.

I nice original heart design at Shirt.Woot today.

What happens when Optimus Prime gets transported to the Metroid universe at RIPT.

This Game of Thrones themed Winterfell shirt has been generating some noise at Qwertee, with some people saying it shouldn’t have Winterfell written underneath as that’s not true to the ‘I heart NY’ original, but I didn’t know what it was reference it was even with the Winterfell written underneath, so surely the WF alone would make it even more obscure and open to mis-interpretation.

Apparently Shirt Punch are fans of the Castlevania series of games.

The Yetee release what I believe is their first ever metallic ink shirt.

I really like this Moriarty design (from the modern version of Sherlock Holmes) at OtherTees today.

TeeMinus24 are going to be running a series of “Iconic Weapons of Video Game Destruction” and this is a ‘Buster Sword’, can anyone tell me what game it’s from. You guys are good at this game, you always fill in the gaps.

I like this 24tee shirt, I don’t know why (since we don’t have those cups in the UK), but I do.

I saw an ad for the Hunger Games movie yesterday, it’s basically just Battle Royale, right? I’m not saying it’s a copy, it just looks to have a broadly similar plot. Anyway, here’s a shirt I don’t understand from TeeRaiders.

Lovely new shirt from DBH.

Couple of new shirts up for pre-order at Goodjoe.

All glory to the hypnotoad at GraphicLab this week.

I’m a little annoyed that I missed the meteor passing over Britain at the weekend, but I get the impression that it moved over pretty quick so you either saw it or you didn’t, there was no way that I could have seen tweets or the news and rushed outside, especially with the hills all around my house. Still, nice shirt from Made in the Now today.

Good to see Tilteed posting some of their lesser-used designs, even though they aren’t new at least it all feels a bit less samey.

The Daily Street have a recap of the launch party for Lazy Oaf’s SS12 collection.

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