Artemis – Some Godly Goodness

by Mr Four Fingers on March 6, 2012



This is a follow up to a recent post from Andy about some new products over at Myth. After seeing the very first image I was sitrred me into purchasing action.

This t-shirt I bought is called Artemis, a design that reminds me, for some weird reason, of portraits of St Sebastion, a roman martyr stuck full of arrows. As it turns out, this depiction is the work of Artemis, the daughter of Zeus. Deep man. Deep

Myth state that they say they will get your t-shirt as  to you as quickly as possible. I was taken aback to find that this is actually true. High fives all round.

The fabric is soft,  fits pretty well (large) and has nice label detailing (if your into that kind of thing). If you fancy one of these then head over to Myth and and grab one for only £15.99

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