Mathiole – Terror Vincit Omnia

by Mr Four Fingers on March 8, 2012


By now you will have probably seen or heard about Matheus Lopes Castro, AKA Mathiole. He has no doubt been posted here a few times, well I know he has. Mathiole is a blady t-shirt design machine, I think he has over 20 wins at Threadless and is working towards the same number over at DBH.

But as this is a recent purchase, I figured I would drop a few lines.

This design is entitled Terror Vincit Omnia, a name that is certainly hard to remember and actually means Ruled by Fear.Supposedly it the first design on Threadless to feature nipples. So now you have nipples and a satanic priest  combo (I think)

I was keen on getting a t-shirt from Threadless as they print on Fruit of the Loom and I was interested in seeing the quality, as the FOTL that I have are heavyweight. However the fabric feels way to soft for FOTL, so I will have to investigate further.

Grab this some Terror over at Threadless for $20 and their post is faster than they let on. Saying this, when you visit Threadless, the guys t-shirt overview shows this T as £12.50. So not sure now.

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