Star Wars and more t-shirts released at recently

by Andy on March 11, 2012

steampunk rogue x-men t-shirt

I promise that I didn’t intend for this to turn into Star Wars weekend on HYA, it just turned out that way when I was looking through the e-mails and spotted quite a few t-shirts I liked. Then again, a lot of HYAs popularity has been built upon a basis of posting Star Wars tees so I’m sure you guys won’t complain, especially since I’ve thrown a few other subjects into the mist over the weekend and in this post (that steampunk Rogue shirt being particularly nice). Unusually for HYA I’ve gone to the effort of linking each picture to the product page (except for the Rogue one due to a quirk in the HYA media process_.

  • Brianpaulyap

    Nice designs you got there.. very interesting!

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