Great tees and fantastic packaging from The Tree Shirt House

by Andy on March 15, 2012

the tree shirt house

The Tree Shirt House got in touch recently to let me know about their recently launched (November 2011) t-shirt brand. They’re based in Singapore (but sell in Euros, which explains why the people on the about page don’t look particularly Asian) and they are trying to sell tees ‘the right way’. All the designs are meant to tell a stroy about wildlife, and are printed on 100% organic cotton. Each shirt is ‘limited’ to 500 tees per design. As with most brands of this size I always tend to assume that the 500 figure is an arbitrary upper limit and that they don’t have 500 of each design in stock, because that would be quite a lot for a two person startup. For every tee that is purchased $5 (USD) will go to support on of their chosen causes, which I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear are animal-related.

The shirts themselves aren’t preachy, which is always appreciated, and the designs, whilst all following a similar theme, really appeal to me with their bold crests. Also, did you see the photos of their packaging? You can turn it into a bird house! I can’t see a cardboard bird house lasting that long where I live, but I’m sure that in warmer climbs it would make a nice home for some winged friends.

  • Etherington Carolyn

    I personaly love the way their T shirt ” fit ” to any type of body. So hard for girls to find a Tee that has cool design, significance AND makes you look good all at the same time. I tried one ( the pale yellow tee that helps Thailand bats ) at their launch and liked it so much I brought it back home.

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