Awesome Merchandise Sample Pack Review

by Ben_P on March 17, 2012

awesome merchandise sample pack

I’ve previously worked with Awesome Merchandise to get some T-Shirts printed. I jumped straight in feet first into the deep end and tried to pursue my dream of selling T-Shirts. I’ve approached this the wrong way and only now just checked out a sample pack from them. For £7 I received a whole slew of sample goodies.

1 x T-Shirt
25mm Badges (regular, neon and metallic)
38mm Badge
58mm Badge
25mm Magnet
58mm Magnet
Bottle-Opener Keyring
Pocket Mirror
Stickers (regular and vinyl samples)
Business Card

On to the review. I’m currently wearing the T-Shirt and the material certainly feels good against my skin. It’s a Gildan’s heavy weight shirt, I’ve previously purchased soft shirts from Awesome Merchandise and while it certainly is heavier it’s not a dramatic difference but perhaps in the forthcoming summer a lighter weight shirt may be more applicable. The design of the shirt is interesting featuring 3 cats having a party. As we all know cats + internet = winning formula. The shirt certainly isn’t going to win any awards and turn heads but it might be a bit too much to expect a stellar design for a sample shirt. This isn’t a shirt style I’d usually wear but it’s certainly a design that would cheer up any gloomy day.

As for the printing quality of the shirt I can’t fault it. It’s excellent value for money and from previous experience with the company their t-shirts wash and iron well and don’t warp at all in the wash.

My one niggle with the shirt is that they don’t appear to offer sample shirts of different colours. I’m not a fan of white shirts and it’d be a nice option to be able to ask for a different coloured sample.

If you’re a budding t-shirt designer and want to see what your designs would look like when printed I’d recommend Awesome Merchandise for their quality and value, they frequently offer deals for shirts and not only bulk print but do one-off runs. Even if you don’t want to print T-Shirts and just fancy a random design from them, you can’t go wrong with £7 for a shirt and a whole bunch of goodies.

  • Luke

    Hey there, Luke from Awesome Merchandise here, thanks a lot for the review and great point on the T-Shirt colours, we will look into that and get it on our list of stuff to add to the site!

    Thanks again :)


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