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by Leah on March 17, 2012

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TeeTalk happened once again last week and, wow, look who showed up (what a big, big list!)

Aaron A. Fimister, artist
Adam Hendle, creator of IAMTHETREND- A Guide to All Things Independent
Crystal Bam Fontan, artist known as Bamboota
Danny Macias, owner of Another Fine Tee, launching soon in Spring 2012
Glen O’Neill, co-owner of The Yetee
James Hance, artist
Jared Thompson, blogger at Tee Gazette and DesignJuices
John Rohde, artist known as Buzatron
Josh Reid Mirman, concept illustrator/sketch artist
Karen Hallion, artist
Kari Fry, artist
Megan Lara, artist
Nader Boraie, owner and designer at Labyrinth Clothing
Paul Espinoza, creator of The UTee
Rachel Bowland Ulstad, artist
Rick Waters, owner of OMUNKY and creator of TeeTalk
Rob Wood, artist
Steve Gelenter, artist CoDdesigns

The chat was full of fans, artists, designers, creators, owners, bloggers – everyone there wanted to chat and be a part of it all, so of course that means this TeeTalk chat session was a great success. Two events were the topic of discussion, first being the anxiously awaited Tee Madness 2012 (organized by Adam Hendle from IAMTHRETREND), competition will be starting this Monday the 19th and the line-up looks fantastic. We also happily discussed The First Annual Boston Tee Party (happening August 11, 2012), which is guaranteed to be a great time (really wishing I could go, I can fit in someone’s suitcase, right?) Other topics that stood out to me that night: What lured you to the t-shirt world? What tee are you wearing now? Who works a full time job whilst managing to make art and, if so, how do you do it!? Another one that I would like to point out was a question to the artists and designers – what was their best selling tee?

A few were nice enough to share and I see a nerdy pattern, do you?

Glenn showed us The Yetee’s most triumphant tee,  Kari Fry’s Serious Time


Josh Mirman’s best seller, Super Fighting Robot from Level Up Studios


Theatre de la Labyrinth is Karen Hillian’s top seller


Bamboota’s best selling is a Doctor Who tee, Procrastinate!

Of course we discussed a multitude of other interesting topics, had a lot of laughs, as well as learned from each other. Honestly, as a fan and as a girl secretly wanting to design tees in the future, these TeeTalks are extremely educational and informative. Another thing, I can’t stress this enough, TeeTalk is not just for artists and companies, it is meant to be for all who are interested in t-shirts – fan and artist alike. So with that said, please join me and all of us next time. We would love to have you and welcome you – this tee community could not be any nicer, trust me.

I will keep all you readers here at Hide Your Arms posted about when the next TeeTalk will be (most likely mid-April), but you can also keep in touch by following TeeTalk on Twitter and Facebook.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Quakerninja Daniel J. Newman

    Thank you for the recaps, sorry I missed it.

  • http://twitter.com/LittleLazies Little Lazies

    You’re very welcome, Daniel, and I am sorry you missed it too! Don’t worry, I will be reminding you constantly once we are ready to have the next one. ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1278412417 Andrew Bichler

    Wow sorry I missed this. I got into the room just as it ended. Next time!

  • Teetalk

    What a nice recap! Stay tuned for more Teetalk in April!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tabithapayne Tabitha Payne

    Awesome recap!! I need to stay longer next time!! :)

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